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dating after 50

7 Essential tips for dating after 50

Dating in your 50s is a lot different than it was in your 20s or 30s because you’re a completely different person and the world has changed. You’re more settled in your ways, you have more life experience and technology has made dating sites a common way to meet people. It’s also more acceptable now […]

Hook up with aussie women

The 8 best tips to hook up with Aussie women like a gentleman

If you want to hook up with Aussie women you have to act like a gentleman and sweep them off their feet because they want a man that’s different from the others. A good first impression will help you successfully turn a chance meeting on dating sites into a fun one night stand and you […]

Dating After Divorce

Dating after divorce: 10 Tips to make it easier

Dating after divorce can be an emotional experience because you’re still dealing with having your heartbroken and you’re learning to trust and love again. It can also be hard to get back into the dating scene and find someone who’s right for you so dating after divorce isn’t something you should rush into. 1) Try […]

Topics for your first date

The 20 best conversation starter topics for a first date

With today’s date scene you need to flirt but also be good at conversation so they know you’re taking an interest in them and not just looking for an easy hookup.  When you’re meeting people on dating sites you need to have some conversation starters ready so you can avoid awkward silences and have the […] Protection Status