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The 8 best tips to hook up with Aussie women like a gentleman

Hook up with aussie womenIf you want to hook up with Aussie women you have to act like a gentleman and sweep them off their feet because they want a man that’s different from the others. A good first impression will help you successfully turn a chance meeting on dating sites into a fun one night stand and you can only do this by having the right attitude and the right hook up techniques.

1) You wait to hook up

Waiting to hook up is a great way to make yourself come across as a gentleman when you’re meeting women on dating sites because all the other men are trying to rush into sex. Women will appreciate you taking things slowly and at a pace they’re comfortable with which makes them feel more at ease about meeting a stranger they’ve met online. When you first meet someone you’re interested in you can talk to them to get to know them better and wait for them to bring up meeting first then tell them that you’ll meet whenever they feel ready to. Be flexible about when to meet and let them decide how the first date should go because they may want to meet a couple of times before having a one night stand with you.

2) You show genuine interest in them

A gentleman will show a genuine interest in the woman he’s attracted to and he does this by asking them about things that are important to them, like their hobbies, job, family, friends and pets. You can show your date that you don’t see her as a sex object but as a smart, beautiful woman you want to know by making an effort to get to know them. Have meaningful conversations with them and share things about yourself so they can get an idea of what you’re like as a person. This helps them feel a connection with you and women are more likely to hook up with a man they feel close to because it takes away some of the nervousness they feel.

3) You make a great first impression

You need to make a great first impression if you want to have a one night stand because women are picky about who they sleep with, especially when they’re meeting strangers from dating sites like adultfriendfinder. You have a better chance of a hook up if you start things off on the right foot and keep it going throughout the date. You can make a great first impression by taking things slow, being open and honest, replying to messages in a timely manner, arriving for your date on time and making yourself as attractive as possible by wearing nice clothes and maintaining personal hygiene. This helps make them feel confident about their decision choosing you out of all the other people who are messaging them.

4) You have the right attitude

Dating Aussie womenHaving the right attitude is key to going from saying “Hi.” to someone on dating sites and having a one night stand with them. Your attitude is what makes someone feel comfortable around you and willing to be vulnerable and intimate with you. You want to avoid saying or doing anything that will make the woman you’re talking to think you’re desperate or creepy because she will quickly end things if she feels that something is wrong with you. The right attitude for a hook up includes being friendly and polite while also being laid-back and having a good sense of humor. You need to seem like a nice, stable man that she can have a good time with if you want to hook up with her.

5) Use non-sexual flirting

If you want to get her attention and stand out from the other men who are messaging her you need to use non-sexual flirting. Most men are telling her how sexy she is and how they can’t wait to show her a good time so you need to do the opposite and give her compliments that have nothing to do with sex. You can tell her that you enjoy talking to her, that she makes you laugh or that you can’t stop thinking about her. This makes her feel special and that you genuinely like her and are not looking for a quick hook up.

6) Have an interesting conversation

An interesting conversation is a good way to break the ice on dating sites and help with a smoother transition from getting to know each other to having a one night stand. You want to take them by surprise instead of giving them what they expect, which is lots of talk about sex. Before getting to know someone you can come up with a list of interesting conversation topics so you’re ready when the moment comes. You need to avoid topics that are specific to you because you don’t want to dominate the conversation. You can talk about something funny that happened to you, a vacation you took recently or the wildest item on your bucket list. These type of ideas are ones they can relate to and will have something they can add to the conversation.

7) Pay attention to them

Women like having men pay attention to them and their self-confidence suffers when the man they’re interested in seems like they don’t care or are bored. You have to show your strong attraction to them by paying attention to them and letting them know that you’re interested in what they have to say. You can show your attentiveness in physical ways by making eye contact, smiling and putting your hand on their arm. You can also show attentiveness verbally by keeping up your end of the conversation and asking relevant questions about what they’ve said.

8) Have a real date

On dating sites like Victoria Milan some people are only looking for sex and won’t bother with any other scenarios but some people, especially women, would like to have a date first. This can happen the day of the hook up or it can be a chance to meet and see if there’s a spark before arranging another time to hook up. A gentleman is willing to have a real date so he can put his potential partner at ease and how her that he’s a normal guy. This kind of date can be dinner and a movie or having a coffee at a local cafe.

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