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Dating Tips

Sexual Fantasies for this Hallowen

10 Sexual fantasies for this Halloween- with role-play

Halloween is a great time to explore your sexual fantasies and play kinky sex games with your partner because the night’s all about fun. There’s lots of different costumes and accessories available to buy during this holiday to enhance the role-play and make it as realistic as possible so be open-minded and get your creativity […]

Sexual Tension

7 Signs the sexual tension between you is real

When you think there might be sexual tension between you and someone else you need to know if it’s real or night before you do anything about it because you don’t want to make the wrong move. There are obvious signs that the sexual tension is real, like finding it difficult to control your horniness […]

Couple killing each other

8 tips for traveling as a Couple Without Killing Each Other

Traveling as a couple can put a lot of stress on your relationship and cause fighting because it involves working together, using good communication skills and an ability to compromise. If you get caught up in fighting then you won’t have new experiences, like visiting attractions, becoming closer to your partner or re-igniting your sex […]

Attractive People finding a Partner

10 Reasons why attractive people have a harder time finding a partner

Attractive people are supposed to be lucky in love because everyone wants them but they can actually have a harder time finding a partner for a long-term relationship than average looking people. Their looks can be a barrier in their dating life because they’re judge more harshly than others, they’re seen as sex objects and […]

Approaching a Woman

9 Tips to approach a woman without fear of rejection

When you approach women it will go one of two ways: you’ll set up a date with her or you’ll be getting rejected and the latter outcome is something that a lot of men worry about. No one likes getting rejected and the fear of this happening can stop you from making the first move […]

Dating Fatigue

7 Signs You Have Dating Fatigue & How to Bounce Back

Dating fatigue is something that people don’t talk a lot about because they don’t know that’s what they’re suffering from and blame it on being too stressed out from work, not getting enough sleep or feeling restless with life in general. It’s good to take a break from the dating scene now and again because […]

BDSM experince

8 Tips to rock your first BDSM experience and make it more enjoyable

BDSM is an experience that can help you push your boundaries and live out fantasies you’ve been dreaming of but it can also go wrong very quickly if you aren’t properly prepared for it. When you’re trying bondage or other fetish activities for the first time you can make it more enjoyable by planning how […]

Hooking Up for the first time

9 Common mistakes when hooking-up for the first time

It’s fun and exciting hooking up with someone for the first time but it’s easy to become distracted or overwhelmed by these feelings. Your libido will take over and you’re going to be more open to risky behaviour. This can lead to you making mistakes that will ruin your experience or cause regret later on. […]

People in Love

10 Ways highly intelligent people act differently in love

People who are highly intelligent act differently when they’re in love because it’s easier for them to process their thoughts and feelings. This means they’re straightforward about their feelings, are less likely to rush into love and understand that there’s a difference between having sex and being in love. Those are the major differences but […]

Naked Woman

8 Things smart men never say when a woman is naked

When you’re with a naked woman there are some things you should never say because it will ruin the mood and she’s not going to be happy with you. She doesn’t want to be embarrassed about how she has her pubic hair or trying new sex positions, worrying about how attractive she is because this […] Protection Status