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Dating Tips

Non sexual things women like from men

Women reveal 10 non-sexual things men do that turn them on the most

When women are choosing a partner they look for a man that can excite them in the bedroom but also in a non-sexual way because they want someone who can satisfy all of their needs. There are things you do that you don’t even realize they pay attention to nor do you know the effect […]

women's fetishes

7 Secret fetishes women enjoy that men are clueless about

Everyone has fetishes but women tend to be less vocal about theirs because they’re taught that it’s not ladylike to express their sexual desires. This makes it harder for you to understand what your girlfriend really wants and you only see things from your point of view. Knowing what fetishes she secretly wants to explore […]

Women's wishes during sex

9 Things every woman wishes you did during sex

Sex is a big part of a relationship but women tend to be more shy about expressing how they feel and taking the lead in the bedroom. You may think your sex life is great but there’s a good chance your partner isn’t completely satisfied and doesn’t know how to tell you so she’s keeping […]

She is hidding her jealousy

Is she jealous? 8 Subtle signs she is hiding her jealousy

People will sometimes hide how they feel when they’re in an adult relationship because they don’t want to cause any problems or they’re not sure if their feelings are justified or if they’re overreacting. This is why you may not realize when your girlfriend is upset about something or is jealous of the time you’re […]

Mistakes men make when flirting

Are you coming on too strong? 7 Mistakes that men often make when flirting

When you’re flirting you need to find the right balance between being a gentleman and a man who knows what he wants. This helps you make a good impression and increases your chance of making a connection with a sexy woman and going out on a date with her.There are some behaviours that women consider […]

Stop texting

Online dating advice: 8 Ways to stop texting and go on a date

Online dating can be tough to do successfully because of distance and you need to be able to move from one type of relationship, an informal one, to a serious one that involves more time and effort. This isn’t going to happen if you act passive about it and just hope that things will magically […]

Being more attractive to women

9 Reasons why a woman may suddenly want to have sex

Women tend to have an unfair perception of having a lower sex drive than men and taking longer to become aroused but this isn’t always true, there are times when women suddenly want sex and aren’t shy about letting you know it. You can wait for this to happen naturally or you can do certain […]

In love married woman

In love with a married woman? 10 Signs it’s time to end it

Being in love isn’t always a good thing, it can make your life complicated and sometimes you need to end a relationship before things go too far. This is especially true when you’re having an affair with a married woman because this can leave you brokenhearted as well as ruining a marriage and affecting the […]

Long-distance Relationship

8 Best tips to make a long-distance relationship work

A long-distance relationship is difficult to maintain and these relationships are known for their high rate of failure. This is why you need to make an effort at staying in touch and keeping things fun and interesting so that the distance makes as little impact as possible. Whether you and your partner are going through […]

Fighting wit your couple during pandemic

10 Tips on how to avoid fighting the couple you are quarantined with

During an epidemic there’s a strong possibility of being forced into quarantine and you don’t always go through something like this alone. Sometimes you’re going to be with multiple people who all have very different personalities and that can be difficult to deal with. If you’re in quarantine with other couples there’s a good chance […] Protection Status