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Dating Tips

Naked Woman

8 Things smart men never say when a woman is naked

When you’re with a naked woman there are some things you should never say because it will ruin the mood and she’s not going to be happy with you. She doesn’t want to be embarrassed about how she has her pubic hair or trying new sex positions, worrying about how attractive she is because this […]

She is not satisfied in bed

9 Warning signs she’s not satisfied in be

It’s important that your partner is satisfied in bed because if she isn’t then it will drive a distance between the two of you and that will affect your relationship. There are some obvious signs you’ll notice right away, like her declining sex drive and her lack of enthusiasm during sex, but there are more […]

After my divorce

10 Positive things I could have only achieved after my divorce

Going through a divorce is a painful experience for most people but if you keep an open mind you’ll realize that some positive things can come out of it. Knowing this can help you keep perspective on what has happened and you’ll be better equipped to have a health relationship once you start to date […]

Hook up with aussie women

The 8 best tips to hook up with Aussie women like a gentleman

If you want to hook up with Aussie women you have to act like a gentleman and sweep them off their feet because they want a man that’s different from the others. A good first impression will help you successfully turn a chance meeting on dating sites into a fun one night stand and you […]

Your Ex on Social Media

12 Reasons you shouldn’t follow your ex girlfriend on social media

After a break up one of the first things you should do is stop following your ex on social media. This is important because if you don’t you’re going to do things you’ll regret, like cyber stalking your ex and reliving painful moments from the past. You want the break up to be as easy […]

Sex Drive Marijuana

10 Ways marijuana may increase your sex drive

When your sex drive is lagging there are a few different things you can try to increase it. There’s well-known solutions like taking medication, changing your diet to a healthier one, starting an exercise regime, cutting down on alcohol and smoking and sex therapy. There’s also marijuana, a natural remedy that you might not know […]

Prostate massage

9 Good things you might feel during prostate massage

Having a prostate massage feels good and can make you feel things you didn’t know you could but some men don’t realize this or think that it’s too taboo to experience. If you’re unsure about whether not you want to try a prostate massage then knowing about milking, fingering and all the other wonderful things […]

Codependent Relationship

8 Clear signs you’re in a codependent relationship

When you’re dating you need to make sure you’re in a healthy relationship so that it can be long lasting and your mental and emotional well-being will be in a good state. When you’re in a codependent relationship you’re going to gradually become unhappy and stressed while losing your identity. You don’t want to live […]

9 Erotic role play ideas that’ll totally spice up your sex life

Vanilla sex is okay but after awhile things are going to get stale in the bedroom if that’s all you do. Your relationship will suffer unless you change things up to make sex exciting again and give both of you something to look forward to. You can try new positions, sex toys, bondage and acting […] Protection Status