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Dating Tips

Conversation Starters

Try these 7 conversation starters, no matter how shy you feel

Knowing how to flirt with a girl and using the right conversation starters to take things to the next level can be nerve wracking, especially if you’re a shy guy. It can be overwhelming trying to come up with saying something that will grab her attention while hiding your nervousness so you need to be […]

Boring Relationship

10 Things to do when your relationship has become boring & how to fix it

When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time you’ll get into a comfortable routine that will eventually make you feel bored and you’ll miss the days when you had things to look forward to. This feeling of boredom will cause a distance between you and your partner and if it goes on for […]

Something New in Bed

8 Ways to ask your partner for something new in bed

When you want to try something new in bed you have to use the right approach because you don’t want to sound demanding or unhappy with how your sex life is. That will make them shut down and not listen to you which will get you nowhere. You want to make it sound exciting and […]

She is Playing Games

10 Signs the woman you’re dating is definitely playing games

Dating someone who is playing games with you is a toxic relationship and you don’t want to be in that situation. Some women don’t do it on purpose but others know what they’re doing and don’t care. They’ll show you disrespectful behaviour, show signs of cheating to get you worked up and see you as […]

More than Friends with Benefits

8 Ways to know if you should be more than friends with benefits

A friends with benefits situation is supposed to be straightforward: you have sex but feelings never get involved because this isn’t a dating situation , although you can use adult dating sites like adult friend finder. It always starts out that way but as you get to know each other and feelings go beyond sexual […]

Better partner

Dating tips for men: 9 Simple ways to be a better partner after 40

After the age of 40 you should know how to be a better partner because you’ve had years of dating experience and know what leads to bad relationships. It doesn’t matter if you’re online dating or taking a more traditional approach because the behaviour you need to be a better partner doesn’t vary much between […]

What you should never do during the first dates

7 Things you should never do in the first month of dating with women

First dates are important because they’re when you make your first impression and hopefully show your date that you’re a great guy they want to see again. A bad impression will keep you single so you need to know what to do on first dates and how to keep things going smoothly during the first […]

Break Up Rules

8 Post-break up rules actually worth following

Going through a break up can take a big toll on you and you may be tempted to engage in behaviours that are not good for you which is why you need to follow some post-break up rules. You need to take care of your emotional wellbeing, have a no contact rule with your ex […]

Dating a single mom

7 Tips for dating Aussie women with kids

Dating a single mom can be daunting because your relationship involves more than just you and her, there are also her children and possibly an ex-boyfriend or husband. You may not know how to navigate this type of relationship if you’ve never dated a single mom before but it can be done and easier than […]

Online Dating

9 Reasons why summer is the best time for online dating

Summer is the best time for online dating for a variety of reasons, including the thrill of a summer fling, people feeling sexier with their beach bodies and date ideas are more fun. If you want to have a great summer and have better sex then you need to try online dating because it’s the […] Protection Status