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8 Tips on how to find a girlfriend if you have no friends to go out and meet women with

How to get a girlfriendKnowing how to get a girlfriend when you have no friends to go out clubbing with is something you’re going to struggle with because you don’t have anyone who can give you dating advice or who can help set you up with someone. With a non-existent social life you’re going to be single unless you make some big changes in how you live your life. You need to be proactive and make an effort to learn how to get a girlfriend so that you can have a great relationship that is going to give you confidence in yourself.

1) Go to events for singles

When you don’t know how to get a girlfriend you can look online for events that cater to single people. These events are usually held by bars or social groups and they advertise online so you only need a couple of minutes to look up what’s going on in your town. Most of these events are held in person but it’s also becoming a popular activity to do online through apps where multiple people can hang out together on like Zoom. These events let you meet a bunch of single women at the same time and even if you don’t end up going on a date with any of them it can help you get used to talking to women and flirting with them.

2) Join dating sites

Dating sites can help you learn how to get a girlfriend because it’s more anonymous than introducing yourself to women in person and this gives you a chance to perfect your technique. There are tons of dating sites you can join for free to get a feel for how they work and you can pay to upgrade your membership if you enjoy it and want to use more features that they offer. You can make a profile then start checking out other members until you find a couple you want to message. When you feel a connection with someone you can ask them to meet in person and see if a relationship is something that the two of you can pursue.

3) Go clubbing

You don’t need a large social life to go clubbing, it’s a fun activity you can do by yourself because it’s an activity that’s all about going out and spending time with other people. This can help you figure out how to get a girlfriend because once you get to the club you can take your time and check out the women who are there, picking out one or two who look like they’re there alone too. Go through a couple of pick lines inside your head, decide which one to use and go up to her. Use your pick up line to break the ice and offer to buy her a drink as a way of keeping the conversation going. You’ll see that you don’t always need to know how to get a girlfriend because some women don’t mind taking the lead, especially if having a few drinks loosen them up.

4) Expand your social life

Expand your social lifeBefore you start figuring out how to get a girlfriend you can take some time to focus on your personal life. You can work on your social life by joining a hobby group, going to the gym regularly or taking a class at night school. This forces you to get out of your comfort zone and start interacting more with people which is going to make it easier for you to meet women and get to know them. It’s going to be easier to ask them out once you’re comfortable around them and meeting them in a social way first is going to give you time to see if they’re the kind of person you want to date.

5) Talk to women

Part of knowing how to get a girlfriend is knowing how to talk to women and get them interested in you in a sexual and a platonic way. This is because women need to feel a connection with a man before they commit themselves to a relationship and this starts in a platonic way before building up to sexual desire. You can work on your social skills by talking to women in your everyday life, like female co-workers or neighbours, in a platonic way so that you can get used to doing it. Once you feel comfortable with that you can try flirting with an acquaintance who’s single or one of the women may see what a great guy you are and set you up on a blind date with one of her friends.

6) Talk to your co-workers

Being friendly with your co-workers can help you with figuring out how to get a girlfriend because they’re probably going to talk about their personal lives now and again. Pay attention to what they say because if they mention one of their friends being single you can mention being single too and saying it would be good if the two of you can get together for drinks to get to know each other. You can also get dating advice from your male co-workers and try to use some of their techniques because if it’s successful for them then it may work for you too.

7) Use a matchmaker

Their services cost money but they’re doing most of the work for you which takes a lot of stress off of you. They find out your personality traits and the kind of woman you’re looking for and will find women who are likely to be compatible with you. This means you don’t have to waste time on dating sites going through profiles and sending tons of messages or struggling to meet women at bars. All you have to do is talk to the matchmaker then wait for them to give you your matches.

8) Be friends first

You’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself when you don’t know how to get a girlfriend and have no friends to help you because you don’t want to make a fool of yourself and you want a date to happen fairly quickly. This pressure is going to make you anxious and that’s going to show in your body language which can affect your chances of picking up women. To avoid this from happening you can try being friends first then letting things naturally progress to romance. After being friends for a while you can test the waters by lightly flirting then taking things further if she seems attracted to you.

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