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10 Great examples of how to flirt with a coworker and make her want you

How to flirt and...
You need to know how to flirt without crossing the line if you want to successfully hook up at your workplace because you don’t want to make things awkward if it goes wrong. You need to take a more gentle approach because it’s a professional environment and you don’t want to embarrass your coworker by making it obvious to everyone that you want an office romance.

1) Support their ideas during meetings

A good way to get your coworker to notice you is by supporting them when they’re doing things that might make them nervous, such as presenting ideas during a meeting or leading a discussion involving other coworker. Tell them that you think their idea is great and that it would be very beneficial to the company, not only will this make them feel good about themselves and think you’re a nice guy that they should get to know but the boss will take note of their value to the company which will really make them happy.

2) Take her out to lunch

Take her out of the office
Lunchtime at work is usually boring because you eat whatever you threw together and brought with you or you grab food from the canteen. It would be a nice treat if you invited your coworker to lunch so it’s something to look forward to and it’ll be just the two of you so you can take flirting to the next level. Use this time to tell her that you’ve been wanting to ask her out for awhile but have been too shy and that she’s all you can think about during work.

3) Laugh at her jokes

The workplace can be a serious place so when she attempts to lighten the mood you need to laugh at her jokes. You can keep the good mood going by making a couple of jokes as well or talk about something funny that her joke reminded you of. This will show her that you have a good sense of humour and if it’s just the two of you, you can get flirty with your jokes or use double entendres to make it clear that you like her.

4) Offer to stay late with her

Stay late with her
If you want to hook up with a coworker then you need to spend more time with her and let her see what you’re really like. You can make a good impression on her by offering to stay late and help her get her work done or drive her home if you know she doesn’t drive herself. You can flirt by saying that you can’t think of a better way to spend the night or say that you’ve always wanted an excuse to hang out with her. You can then follow up by telling her that maybe next time you spend the evening together you could do something more romantic because this will make her think about going on a date with you.

5) Ask her for career advice

Knowing how to flirt doesn’t always involve pickup lines or knowing what the perfect date is, it can also be showing thoughtfulness and kindness. Women are used to not being taking seriously in the workplace so you can flatter her by sincerely asking her for career advice. She’ll love that you’re man enough to ask a woman for advice and this can lead to you seeing each other outside of work as she helps you.

6) Make her feel good at work

Make her feel good
You can make her day a little brighter and show her that you’re interested in her by doing small things just for her. This could be buying her a treat when you bring one for yourself to work, remembering things that are important to her like her birthday or getting a promotion or complimenting her on her outfit. It doesn’t matter what you do, the important thing is you only do it for her so she knows you’re attracted to her and are making an effort at getting her attention.

7) Help her celebrate a job well done

If she gets a promotion or gets singled out for doing well on a project you can help her celebrate by congratulating her and offering to take her out for drinks. If she’s busy or wants to go out later in the week you can still make her day special by giving her flowers or a cupcake. You’re trying to show her that you care about things like this and that you’re trying to make a connection to her.

8) Make her coffee too

You can break the ice with a sexy coworker by doing something simple like making her a coffee when you make yourself one or asking if you can grab her anything while you’re at the canteen. It’s a small gesture but it’ll stand out to her because most people can’t be bothered with doing things like this and after she thanks you, you can tell her it was no problem, you’d do anything for her. This will lead to more interactions with her because she’ll want to repay the favour and if you make her a coffee you can flirt by telling her you make a great coffee at home, maybe you can wake her up with one and make it obvious that you want to hook up with her.

9) Find reasons to talk to her

If you’re not sure if she’s interested in you or if you want to play it safe and not be too flirty at work you can take the slow and steady approach by finding reasons to talk to her. The flirtation is done through body language, like smiling and making eye contact, while talking about mundane things like her weekend plans or what she did last night. The point of this is to slowly get to know her so she feels more comfortable dating you when you eventually ask her out.

10) Unwind after work with drinks

Unwind after work
You can flirt and end the night with a hook up by suggesting you go out for drinks after work. You don’t want this to be something she regrets so spend time building the relationship before taking this final step. Do a few things at work like complimenting her, talking to her and having lunch with her to get close to her then go out for a fun night of drinking then end the night at your place.

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