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Emily is based in Sydney. She is working as writer for diferent websites. She has published many hand-books about adult dating and relationships.

having a great threesome

9 Tips on how to have a great threesome (for couples)

Having a threesome is an exciting new activity you can do as a couple to push your sexual boundaries and keep the spark alive between the two of you. This isn’t something you can rush into though because you can make mistakes that will turn the whole night into a disaster and it can damage […]

Women test you during dating

8 Subtle signs women test you during dating and why

When you’re dating someone and they’re either unsure about your loyalty or are trying to figure out how they feel about you they will subtly test you. The kind of tests she gives you are based on what she’s curious about, sometimes she wants to know if you’re only with her for sex and other […]

Making sex longer

My partner orgasms quickly: 10 Tips to make sex longer.

Having a partner that orgasms too quickly is an issue that affects many couples and it can be a sensitive topic to deal with. You want to be careful in how you approach this situation because you don’t want to hurt their feelings or make your sex life even worse. There are things you can […]

dating a traveller

Dating someone who travels a lot (10 Creative Ways)

Dating a traveller can be difficult because you spend a lot of time away from each other and staying in touch can become boring if you stick to a routine. You get used to seeing their emails or talking on cam and the excitement fades. This affects your relationship and you drift apart until you […]

dating independent woman

9 Things to know about dating an independent woman

Dating an independent woman is a different experience than dating a woman who is clingy and is looking for a man to take care of her. You need to know what these differences are so you know what to expect and avoid doing something that could ruin the relationship, like smothering her with too much […]

Break up over the holidays

9 Reasons why women break up over the holidays

The holidays are supposed to be fun and about making memories with your partner but it’s also a popular time for couples to break up. There’s a variety of reasons women choose this time to make this move and the added stress that happens this time of year may have been the final straw for […]

introver likes you

8 Sure signs an introvert likes you

When an introvert likes you it can be hard to see the signs because they’re good at hiding how they feel and you need to be more observant around them. If you pay close enough attention to them you’re going to notice small changes in behaviour when they’re around you, such as being less shy […]

10 Tips on how to get into BDSM, even in a pandemic

BDSM can add a lot of excitement to your relationship and bring you closer to your partner because it requires a lot of trust between the two of you while you explore new and often taboo fantasies. You can start being kinky at any time, even during a pandemic, because you can ease into it […]

unattractive man

9 Things women really find unattractive in men

Dating is a struggle when you don’t understand what women really find unattractive in men because you may be trying to live up to expectations that you see in the media but that aren’t applicable in real life. Men who show off their masculinity and pamper their girlfriends with money and gifts are a common […] Protection Status