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Emily is based in Sydney. She is working as writer for diferent websites. She has published many hand-books about adult dating and relationships.

Daing as nerd

9 Ways to find a girlfriend as a nerd

Getting a girlfriend when you’re a nerd can be tough because women have preconceived ideas about you and you may let that bring down your self-confidence levels. By making a few small changes to how you act and think you can make a big difference to your dating life and realize that being a nerd […]

Intimacy acts

Dating tips for men: 10 seemingly innocent acts that denote a lot of intimacy

Intimacy is an important part of a relationship because it strengthens the bond between you and your partner as well as helping your sex life. Some acts of intimacy are sexual but there are some subtle things you can do to express that sentiment and improve the intimate relationships you have. You can easily incorporate […]

What not to say on your first date

11 Things you should never say on a first date

When you’re on a first date you want to make a good impression but saying the wrong thing, even if it seems appropriate to you, could cause things to end quickly. You should never talk about your ex girlfriend because you don’t want to come across as bitter or still not over them and you […]

Flirtint at the beach

8 Tips on how to flirt with women at the beach

The beach is a great place to meet women, have fun and hopefully hook up but only if you do it in the right way. You don’t want to be the guy who goes there and makes it obvious what he’s doing so keep it low key by being a discreet flirt, having good pick […]

Good in bed

9 Things that make a man good in bed

Being good in bed is something that rarely happens naturally and it takes a lot of work, thoughtfulness and patience to get to that level. A healthy relationship is built on many parts, including good sex, so it’s important to make sure that your partner is satisfied in the bedroom. there are obvious ways of […]

Picking Up girls at Christmas party

7 Effective ways to pick up girls at Christmas parties

Christmas parties are a great place to pick up girls because everyone’s in the mood for fun and there’s usually a good amount of alcohol being drunk so inhibitions are down. It’s a social setting so you can start things slowly by being a flirt then take it further by arranging a hook up when […]

First Date Jitters

8 Ways to reduce first date jitters

It’s normal to have first date jitters because you’re spending time with someone you don’t know and you want the night to be a success. Nervousness will fill you and this can cause you to make a bad first impression because you’ll be fidgety and she’ll be able to pick up on your body language. […]

Small Gestures

9 Small gestures women always notice even if they don’t say it

Grand gestures are always noticed because they’re eye-catching but don’t think this means that your girlfriend or wife won’t notice the small gestures you do to show your love because they do, they just don’t always mention it. These gestures are important to your relationship because they show love and strengthen the bond you feel […] Protection Status