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11 Tips on how to play hard to get with an Aussie woman

Playing Hard with a womanWhen you’re looking for eye catching women on adult dating apps like Adultfriendfinder you want to play hard to get because this makes you look confident instead of desperate. There are a few ways you can do this so try different methods and see which ones you have success with.

Eye Catching

1) Have an eye-catching profile on adult dating apps

A lot of guys over share on their profile by posting a ton of pictures, especially nude ones, and mentioning too much about what they’re like. You can make yourself seem mysterious by only putting up a few good pictures and sharing just enough information to make her want to know more.

2) Don’t be in a rush to meet

Adult dating apps like RedHotpie are for hooking up but if you’re in a rush to meet you’re going to seem desperate which is a turn off for a lot of women. Take things slow and act like you’re fine meeting whenever is good for both of you. This is going to make her wonder why you’re not like the other guys on the site and she’ll want to meet you because you’re not pressuring her. When arranging a date suggest a few times when you’re free then leave it at that because you want her to make the first real move by deciding when to meet.

3) Don’t send too many messages or texts

You don’t want her to think you’re crazy about her by sending her too many messages or texts because then she’ll know how you really feel. Instead reply to her messages but keep it short and sweet. Answer any questions she asks and let her know there is some attraction by giving her a compliment now and again or saying you’d like to meet soon. Never send texts just to see how she’s doing or because you’re bored because she’s going to get tired of hearing from you.

4) Wait for her to call first

You need to wait for her to call first no matter how bad you want to hook up with her. By waiting you’re showing her that your life doesn’t revolve around her and that you have better things to do. She’ll realize that her feelings for you are stronger than she thought because she’ll be wondering why you aren’t calling and why you’re not trying to meet quickly. This is going to bug her and she’ll be eager to get in touch with you so she can satisfy her curiosity.

Don't  be too emotional

5) Avoid getting too emotional

Avoid getting too emotional early in the relationship because you don’t want to over share and make her know that you’re attracted to her. Keep things friendly and flirty but don’t use words like “lonely” when talking about how you feel or why you’re using adult dating apps or “love” when describing how you feel about her. You can keep aloof by saying something neutral like “I think we could have fun together if we meet.” because you’re not making a commitment.

Active Social Life

6) Mention your active social life

You want her to think you have an active social life and are using adult dating apps like AdultMatchMaker as a way to make dating easy and simple because you’re so busy. You can talk about work or other commitments like volunteering or clubs you belong to so she knows you’re busy and that she’ll be lucky if she gets to date you. When you do meet she’s going to think you made time for her and that will make her feel special and this will make her feel good and make an effort to get you to see her more often.

7) Don’t come on too strong when you meet

When you do finally meet you need to control yourself and don’t come on too strong. Tell her that it’s great to finally meet but don’t say that you’ve been thinking about this all day because then you’re being too eager. You also shouldn’t arrange a second date at the end of the night and instead wait for her to suggest meeting again so you don’t come across as being too interested in her. You want her to keep guessing what your true feelings about her are so her curiosity is piqued.

8) Avoid touching or having sex on the first date

Most guys try to have sex as early in the relationship as possible so you need to seem different and do what she isn’t expecting you to do which is wait. Keep touching during the date to a minimum by sitting or walking close to her but not hold hands and give her a kiss goodnight then leave straight away instead of waiting to see if she’ll invite you to stay longer. This will make her think about what it would be like to take things further with you and once her imagination has started she’s going to be pursuing you to give her what she wants.

Keeping her interested

9) Give her just enough to keep her interested

You need to give her just enough to keep her interested otherwise she might think you’re not that interested in her and will date a guy who makes his feeling more obvious. Tell her what she wants to know but don’t dominate the conversation and tell her everything at once. Keep things vague so she has to be the one who makes an effort to get to know you.

Be nice and friendly

10) Keep things nice and friendly

When you’re playing hard to get you need to be careful that you don’t send the wrong message and come across as rude or arrogant. You need to stay friendly and outgoing so she thinks you’re the kind of guy who needs to feel comfortable with someone before he can open up to them. Make sure to laugh and smile a lot and when you pull away from her act shy by saying maybe once you’ve dated a bit more you can open up more.

11) Be more open after awhile

Playing hard to get only works for so long before she’s going to get bored or think you’re just using her for entertainment so be more open once the relationship starts becoming serious. After a couple of dates talk to her more about your personal life or start introducing her to your friends so she knows you’re making an effort and that if she keeps dating you then you’re going to become closer over time.

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