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Is she jealous? 8 Subtle signs she is hiding her jealousy

She is hidding her jealousyPeople will sometimes hide how they feel when they’re in an adult relationship because they don’t want to cause any problems or they’re not sure if their feelings are justified or if they’re overreacting. This is why you may not realize when your girlfriend is upset about something or is jealous of the time you’re spending with other people. You need to look out for subtle signs so you can get an idea of how she feels and understand why she does certain things.

1) She’s constantly texting you

Constantly texting you can mean she’s so in love with you that she can’t bear being apart for too long or she’s jealous about you living your life and spending time without her. If it’s the latter then she’s texting you because she wants all of your attention to be on her and make sure you don’t even have a second to check out other women or think about committing infidelity. This is how she can still be with you even though you’re away from each other and it gives her a feeling of control.

2) She has lots of cute nicknames for you

Lots of people who are in an adult relationship will have cute nicknames for each other but they usually only use them occasionally because it’s a small way of showing affection. Your girlfriend is going to be calling you all sorts of cute nicknames when she’s feeling jealous because she’s reminding you of how much she loves you. You’re going to notice she’s calling you by them more often than she does your real name and is going to act sweeter than usual when she does by smiling often and being flirty.

3) She’s always making plans with you

When a woman suspects her partner is committing infidelity she’s going to try to spend as much time as possible with him so that he doesn’t get a chance to do it. If your partner thinks you’re getting too friendly with another woman she’s going to get jealous and start making more plans for the two of you and you’re only going to be able to be away from her when you’re at work. She’s going to see her friends less because she wants to keep an eye on you.and is going to plan your entire day, from having breakfast together to texting you at lunch to having date night on the weekend.

4) She’s suddenly interested in your friends

suddenly interested in your friendsThere’s a good chance you have friends or acquaintances who are women and your girlfriend is going to get jealous if you mention them too often. This is going to dwell in her mind and she’s going to suddenly take an interest in your friends and want to know everything about them. When you go out with friends she’s going to want to know everyone that’s going to be there and she’s going to start asking if she can get to know them better. She’s going to become so jealous that you’re spending time with other women, even if it’s platonic, that she’s going to be insisting that you only hang out with friends if you can do it as a couple.

5) She’s irritated when you spend time without her

In an adult relationship it’s normal to spend time apart for doing things like seeing friends and family or being alone to work on hobbies. When your girlfriend is trying to hide how jealous she is it’s going to show in other ways, like being irritated with you for things she used to be okay with. When you mention going out with friends she’s going to start getting irritated and it’s going to build up the closer it gets to you leaving. She’s hoping that if she doesn’t say anything she won’t start a fight or make herself look like a jealous girlfriend but that you’ll notice she’s upset and cancel your plans. It’s her way of manipulating you into giving her what she wants which is staying and that next time you make plans without her that you’ll remember this and decide to include her.

6) She comments often on your social media

When you’re in an adult relationship you’re going to add your partner to your list of friends and update your relationship status so that people know you’re together. Occasionally partners will post on each other’s page but since you see each other everyday you tend to talk in person instead of online. Your girlfriend wants more than this when she’s jealous and is going to comment or like every post you make as well as uploading photos of you together and tagging you in them. She’s making it clear that you belong to her and warning women not to tempt you with infidelity because she sees everything you do online.

7) She has excuses to disrupt your plans

When you make a plan to hang out with your friends on the weekend she’s going to be fine with it and hide how much it bothers her. She’s going to figure out a way to stop you from going without making it look like it’s her fault by waiting until you’re getting ready to leave then suddenly remember something. She’ll tell you that you were supposed to pick up something at the store for her or pretend to remember that tonight was supposed to be a date night but it’s fine and you can do it another time because it’s important for you to see your friends.

8) She jokes and makes comments about infidelity

A way of dealing with a hidden fear is by joking about it or making off-hand comments about it to make it seem less serious. When your girlfriend is jealous of other women she’s going to try to make them less of a threat by making jokes about you cheating on her with them so that you see their flaws and don’t see them in a sexual way. She’s also going to reassure herself that there’s no infidelity going on by making casual comments about cheating and seeing how you react so she can decide if her fears are justified or not.

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