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She is hidding her jealousy

Is she jealous? 8 Subtle signs she is hiding her jealousy

People will sometimes hide how they feel when they’re in an adult relationship because they don’t want to cause any problems or they’re not sure if their feelings are justified or if they’re overreacting. This is why you may not realize when your girlfriend is upset about something or is jealous of the time you’re […]

Polyamory Relationship

9 Common mistakes couples make when trying Polyamory

Starting a polyamorous relationship can be a fun way to take things to the next level with your partner and find a new way to satisfy your sex drive. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and rush into it but if you do that you’ll end up making mistakes which could make […]

Being Jealous

12 Tips for being less jealous in your relationship and how to change it

Being jealous in your relationship isn’t healthy because it affects your mental and emotional well-being as well as putting stress on both of you because your partner will be affected by your behaviour. You need to find ways of being less jealous and deal with your insecurities so you can be in a happy, secure […]

Women Logic

8 Real facts about women and their crazy logic when dating

There are some things about women logic that men just don’t understand when it comes to dating and this can make things difficult for them. They know that women get jealous of other women but they don’t really know why and they think women want to be treated like a princess but they see this […] Protection Status