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7 stupidest mistakes men make when having an affair

Having a marital affair A marital affair should be fun and exciting but things can quickly go wrong if you make a mistake that could have been avoided.

1) Using your credit card

Using your credit card is the worst mistake you can make when having a extramarital affair because it’s easy for your wife to look at the bill. She’ll notice the charges for restaurants and hotels and know that you weren’t taking her to those places. She’s going to question who you were with and it won’t be long before she finds out the truth. Pay for things in cash or use a pre-paid card so only you know where money is being spent.

2) Telling friends about your infidelity

Guys sometimes say the wrong things, especially if they’re out drinking with their friends. You’re excited about the sexy woman you’re hooking up with and brag about how great the sex is. You might think you can trust your friends to keep it a secret but it only takes a second for them to accidentally slip and mention it to their girlfriend. From there it can be told to other people, even your wife.

3) Taking both partners to the same places

Taking your wife and mistress to the same places increases your chances of them running into each other. Your mistress might love the restaurant you took her to and go with her girlfriends one night while you’re there with your wife. You also run the risk of a waitress remembering you and making a comment about being there with someone else. You need to keep your marital life and dating life as separate as possible.

4) Dating someone single

Dating a sexy single might sound like fun but it can be the worst type of person to date. A single person doesn’t understand the risks that come with having an affair and won’t be as careful as you are at hiding it. They are also more likely to become emotionally involved and take the affair seriously which will lead to her wanting a stronger commitment from you. It will be harder to break up with them and they’ll be more likely to want revenge for you breaking their heart.

5) Communicating by phone

You should try to communicate in person and over email because it’s easier to cover your tracks. You can quickly delete emails and close accounts if you think your wife is getting suspicious so she’ll never know what’s going on. Changing phone numbers or getting a pre-paid phone just to talk to your mistress is more work and is more expensive.

6) Acting differently

Spouses know each other well and your wife will notice if you start acting differently. This could be simple things like being more happy or spending less time at home. She’s going to wonder what’s going on and will try to find out if everything is okay with you.

7) Leaving proof in the open

People leave their phones and laptops lying around when they’re home and they don’t change their passwords. It’s easy for your wife to borrow your devices and one look at your messages or saved sites could show her what you’re doing behind her back. You need to keep your devices out of the way without hiding them because she’ll notice if you do that. Keep them switched off and put them at the back of the desk or on a side table that no one uses. Change your passwords so she needs to ask you if she wants to use one of your devices.

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