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9 Things every woman wishes you did during sex

Women's wishes during sexSex is a big part of a relationship but women tend to be more shy about expressing how they feel and taking the lead in the bedroom. You may think your sex life is great but there’s a good chance your partner isn’t completely satisfied and doesn’t know how to tell you so she’s keeping it to herself and wishing you would do a few things differently. Everyone enjoys different things during sex but some desires, like feeling sexy and wanting foreplay, are almost universal amongst women. Knowing what the most common sex desires are can help you give your partner what she wants without making a big deal about it and make things even better in the bedroom.

1) All the foreplay she wants

Women usually need more foreplay then men do before having sex and they’re not always comfortable asking for it because they don’t want to ruin the mood or seem like they’re putting down their partner’s sexual ability. You can make sex a lot more enjoyable by taking your time with foreplay and pay attention to her body language, such as loud moaning or more eager movements, so you get a better idea of when she’s ready to take things further. This heightens her arousal and is making it easier for her to have an orgasm when the time is right for it to happen.

2) Asking her what feels good

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment during sex and only focus on how you’re feeling but it’s good to keep a verbal connection to your partner since you’re experiencing this together. It shows your partner that you’re thinking of her and this enhances the feeling of being loved which intensifies the moment for her. She wants small gestures of love during times like these and to know you care about making her enjoy what’s going on. You can ask her how she’s feeling to show her you’re focused on her needs and you can also ask her this when you’re doing something new to see if she wants you to keep doing it.

3) Paying attention to her reactions

Women express themselves verbally and physically during sex so you need to pay attention to her reactions so you learn what she likes and what you should avoid doing. When she’s moaning loudly or holding tightly onto you it means she likes what you’re doing and she doesn’t want you to stop. You can give her what she wants by repeating your actions instead of moving onto something else just because you’re ready for it.

4) Make her feel sexy

Sex can become boring, especially in a long-term relationship, and women feel like part of the reason is because their partner is no longer attracted to them. Your partner wants to feel sexy and notices when you don’t show her that she still turns you on which dampens her mood a little bit. She wants you to express how much you want her by telling her how beautiful she is and by being passionate when you touch her. Let her know you aren’t thinking about other women by saying her name while moaning, running your hands all over her body and telling her that you’ve been dying to have sex with her all day.

5) Giving her more than one orgasm

One of the best things about sex for women is the ability to have more than one orgasm during each sex session but a lot of women don’t get to experience this because they’re with men who either don’t care about this or who can’t be bothered to slow things down and help her achieve this. Having more than one orgasm at a time is a heightened sensation and she wants you to be loving and patient enough to learn how to work with her to be able to do this together by finding out what her body responds to.

6) Exploring her fantasies

Exploring new fantasies
It can be tough for women to talk about their fantasies and just because she acts like sex with you is great the way it is, it doesn’t mean that she’s getting everything she wants from you. Think about how sex is and if it’s mostly about what you want and her going along with it or if both of you exploring your sexuality. Tell her you want to help her explore her fantasies and if she’s hesitant you can give her some ideas, like role play or new positions, so she knows you’re open-minded which is going to make her more willing to be honest with you about her secret desires.

7) Touch all over her body

Sex can be a very mechanical act if you stick to a couple of moves because you know they work and that both of you will finish with an orgasm but women want it to be a more fulfilling experience. Having her main erogenous zones, like her breasts, touched is good but she wants you to touch all over her body to awaken her senses so take the time to do this. You can kiss her neck, run your hands over her inner thighs or slide your fingertips along her side so she can feel something new and arousing.

8) Try something new

Women want to know you’re not bored of sleeping with them but this is what you make them think when you keep doing the same things. They think you’re not interested in them enough to make an effort and try something new which makes her fantasize more about sex with someone else. You can keep things exciting in the bedroom by surprising her with a sex toy, a new position or a role play, to show her that you care about keeping the spark alive.

9) Cuddling after sex

Falling asleep after sex is a common thing that happens to people but this is when most women are feeling vulnerable because they’ve just had an intense experience and are coming down from it. She wants to be cuddled so she feels safe and loved and she may try to get the from curling up beside you but she wants to feel you closer to her. She wants you to hold her while you relax together and maybe stroke her hair or whisper that you love her so that the bond between you stays strong.

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