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Why women want to cuddle after sex

Cuddle after sex A lot of guys who are experienced in adult dating know that women like to cuddle after sex but they might not know why they feel a need to do this. It’s something that they don’t understand and often neglect to do after sex which could lead to their partner feeling unloved or unwanted. Cuddling after sex is something that women need for a variety of reasons and it could strengthen the bond between a couple when it’s done.

Sex is when people are at their most vulnerable; they’re naked and getting very physical with someone they care about. You do wild and dirty things that you would never do with anyone else or anywhere else. Afterwards women may feel self-conscious about losing control like that and they need to know that they’re still loved by their partner. A bit of cuddling can bring her back down and feel normal again because she feels safe in your arms. It’s a calming sensation and will help ease any embarrassment or shyness she’s feeling.

A woman tends to be hormonal after sex because of the chemicals that get released during an orgasm. How she feels will vary by the person but some women feel excited after sex, some worry that they weren’t good enough during sex while others feel lonely. It doesn’t matter what she’s feeling, the act of cuddling is a silent reminder that she’s not alone and that she is going through this with someone else. This is a way to add a hint of romance to your sex life and to connect as a couple.

One of the greatest things about being a woman is the ability to have multiple orgasms and if she has a high sex drive then cuddling could be her way of getting ready for another sex session. She might not be able to do anything sexual straight away after having an orgasm because her clit is still too sensitive so cuddling can be used as a way to keep her feeling intimate with you and to keep you in the mood as well. Cuddling can include things like gentle touching or kissing until she’s ready to go again.

When sex is done properly it’s a great experience for both of you and afterwards she’s going to feel good about herself. She’s going to feel relaxed and sexy and she’ll want to make that feeling last. Cuddling is a way to prolong sex without actually having it and she’s going to feel close to you. If you reciprocate during cuddling by doing things like telling her how well she was or lightly stroking her arm or hair while holding her then you’re going to increase her positive feelings. This will make sex nicer for her and increase the likelihood of her wanting it more often.

A woman may need to feel a connection with you after such an emotional experience or she may just want to make the afterglow of sex last longer. If you take the time to find out what your partner needs than it can make her feel closer to you and create a stronger relationship.

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