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8 Ways to ask your partner for something new in bed

Something New in Bed
When you want to try something new in bed you have to use the right approach because you don’t want to sound demanding or unhappy with how your sex life is. That will make them shut down and not listen to you which will get you nowhere. You want to make it sound exciting and fun for both of you so your partner will want to try something new in bed, like sex games or anal sex. Not only will they be more willing to push boundaries but they’ll feel more comfortable sharing with you their own fantasies. If you’re smart about asking for something new in bed then your sex life could be completely different before you know it.

1) Watch porn together

Watching porn together
Watching porn together could be a way of asking for something new in bed without having an awkward or embarrassing conversation with your partner. Find a video that features a scene of what you’re interested in trying and save it for when you’re snuggled up in bed. Kiss their neck and touch them then when they start to get worked up you can get your laptop and say you want to watch something naughty. Let them choose a video first or pick one that you know they’ll like to keep them interested then bring up the one you like. See how they react then ask if they’d like to try it.

2) Make the first move

Being upfront about trying something new in bed without coming across as too demanding can be done by making the first move during passionate sex. Don’t do this with potentially rough activities like anal sex or BDSM because that’s something they’ll need time to think about, this is more for gentle activities like playful sex games, a new position or using a sex toy. During hot sex start playing sex games, gently move them into a new position or bring out the sex toy you bought in secret and use it on them. The spontaneity will surprise them and they won’t want you to stop.

3) Play sex games

Playing sex gamesPlaying sex games can help you do something new in bed while making it a fun experience that brings you closer together. You could play actual sex games like Kinky Truth or Dare or buy a sex game from an adult store or you could use your creativity and do a role-play based on one of your fantasies. Sex games can be a lot of fun but you also need to remember to be supportive and keep an open mind so your partner feels safe while playing them. You can use sex games as a way to push boundaries in a way that isn’t overbearing and it helps you see how far your partner is willing to go.

4) Casually mention what you want to try

Sex is everywhere, in movies, books, advertisements, jokes and off handed comments so wait and pay attention for when the activity you want to try comes up. When it does you can casually mention wanting to try something new in bed and refer to what got your attention so it gives your idea more substance. By mentioning it in an off handed way you can gauge their reaction and tailor your response to it. If they seem interested you can show them you’re serious by talking more about it and if they’re uninterested then you can tell them that if they don’t want to try it then maybe they have a better idea and you’d love to hear it because you think it would be fun to do something new in bed.

5) Send her a naughty video

Sending her a naughty video
If you want to do something new in bed but struggle with being honest about what you want you can send her a naughty video. This gives her privacy to watch it and lets you be honest with her without stressing yourself out. Text her the link, tell her that she was all you could think about while watching it and say that maybe you could try it tonight. That will give her all day to fantasize about doing that with you and by the time she comes home she’ll be all worked up and dying to take things into the bedroom.

6) Give each other a night of control

One way you can do something new in bed is to designate a night for each of you where you get to do anything you want. This way both of you can explore your desires and see how much fun sex can be when you let loose. To get your partner comfortable with giving up control to you, you can let them have the first night. Be supportive and live out whatever fantasy they ask for and when it’s your night you can show them how you’d like things to be.

7) Turn them on while asking for it

Turning Her ON
You can get something new in bed while making your partner want it just as much as you do by asking for it during foreplay. This takes the pressure off you because you won’t have to be so direct about it and since both of you are already in the mood for sex they’ll be more likely to want to do it. You need to really turn them on so they’re in the mood to push boundaries so take your time during foreplay and touch them in the ways they like. When they’re dying for more you can keep them on edge with your touches and whisper in their ear what you want to try then ask if they’re naughty enough to do it tonight. They’ll probably say “Yes.” because they won’t want you to stop.

8) Show them how turned on you are

People enjoy getting their sexual needs met but they also got satisfaction from making their partners feel amazing during sex so if you want to do something new in bed then show your partner how much it turns you on. If they take the initiative and do something new then be enthusiastic about it during the moment by moaning and telling them how good it feels. Afterwards, snuggle up with them and tell them you’d love to do something like that again. If you’re the one making the first move you can tell your partner how sexy they look and how hard they’re making you because those are the kinds of things they want to hear.

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