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7 Valid reasons why women fake orgasms

Why do women fake orgasms? Men know that women fake orgasms but they don’t always know why they do that. Some men think that it’s their fault while others try to ignore it because it’s not their problem. You need to know why some women do this though because it will help you understand her better and it might be an issue that the two of you can fix.

1) She’s doing a role-play

Men and women think that good sex needs to end with both people having an orgasm otherwise it means there’s a problem but some women find it difficult to have orgasms and some can’t have them at all.

2) They want it to be over

Some men feel like they need to give their woman an orgasm otherwise it means he’s failed so he holds off and keeps trying to make her finish first. If a woman knows she isn’t going to have an orgasm and the excitement of sex is gone then she’ll fake it so that sex can finally be over.

3) You’re bad in bed

Men have a reputation for being selfish in bed and making it all about satisfying their own needs and if you’re that type of man then she might not enjoy the things you’re doing in bed. If you’re bad at sex she won’t tell you because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings so she’ll act like everything is fine. She’ll go along with what you’re doing and fake her orgasm so you think you’ve pleased her.

4) She wants you to like her

Women worry that by not having an orgasm she’s not doing what she’s supposed to do and that you’ll feel let down by her. She wants you to like her and be happy with your sex life so she’ll do what she can to make it good. She’ll moan and tell you how good it feels then end things with an orgasm that makes you think she can’t get enough of you.

5) She’s not in the mood

Depending on what’s going on in her life she might not be in the mood for sex but doesn’t want to turn you down so she’ll have sex with you anyways. When she’s feeling like this it can be difficult for her to change her mood once sex starts so she’ll fake her way through the whole thing. Sometimes her mood can change during sex and she’ll start to enjoy it once she gets into it and she might be hoping that’s what will happen.

6) She’s uncomfortable

Sex isn’t always a wild but natural experience that both people enjoy. Sometimes it’s awkward or uncomfortable, especially if you’re trying a new position or role-play and she doesn’t want to ruin things by suddenly ending things. The easiest way for her to get out of this situation is by faking an orgasm and hoping that you take the hint and finish as well.

7) She’s used to faking it

Women who have difficulty having orgasms will get used to faking it and stop trying to figure out if there’s a way for her to overcome the problem. She’ll give in to the idea that she’s just not able to orgasm and faking it will become her natural response during sex. She won’t think twice about doing it and over time it feels normal because it’s the closest thing to a real orgasm that she’s ever had.

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