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9 Reasons why a woman may suddenly want to have sex

Being more attractive to womenWomen tend to have an unfair perception of having a lower sex drive than men and taking longer to become aroused but this isn’t always true, there are times when women suddenly want sex and aren’t shy about letting you know it. You can wait for this to happen naturally or you can do certain actions to make her feel this way. If you know what makes women feel attractive and aroused you can make better decisions during your date and easily get her back to your place for the night.

1) She doesn’t want the date to end

If a date is going really well she’s not going to want the evening to end because she’s in a good mood and being positive is boosting her endorphin levels. This can make her hormones surge and crave sex so ending the night with a goodbye kiss isn’t enough to satisfy her. She’s going to want the date to end with some sexual pleasure and it may take you by surprise so when you’re out with her you should try to give her you undivided attention and let her know you find her attractive. This puts the idea of sex into her mind and it’s going to be hard for her to forget it.

2) You’re a good kisser

Small but sensual things like being a good kisser or telling her how beautiful she is will put her in a sexy state of mind so take your time and put naughty thoughts in her head. This is going to make her more likely to keep things going because she’s going to want more. When you want to turn her on quickly you can hold her close and be a good kisser by starting slowly kissing her neck then work your way to her lips, gradually building up the intensity.

3) She’s feeling adventurous

Sometimes people feel adventurous because nothing exciting has happened lately and they want do something different. She’s going to be feeling this way if she’s been on a string of bad dates or if she’s been with you for awhile but sex has become routine. She wants to be reckless and this feeling can turn into a strong and sudden desire for sexual pleasure, especially if she’s with you and having a good time. This is going to be unexpected for both of you and can lead to fun in the bedroom.

4) She knows what she wants

Some women aren’t shy about knowing what they want and going after it because they take charge of their sexual pleasure. If your partner is like this then she’s not going to wait for you to make the first move and when she’s feeling attractive and ready for sex she’s going to make it obvious. She’s comfortable and confident with who she is so you need to be accepting of her being upfront about her sexual needs so that she continues to be this way.

5) She’s tired of fantasies

Everyone has fantasies and there comes a time when people are tired of wanting something so they do make it a reality. If your partner seems suddenly interested in sex it may not be a quick decision to her, it may have been building for awhile and you just don’t know about it. She finds you attractive and has spent hours thinking about being intimate with you and now she’s ready to make it happen. She may drop hints because she wants you to take the lead but she won’t do this for long so pay attention when she tells you that you’re a good kisser or that she’s been dying to see you all day.

6) You’re building intimacy

Building IntimacyIntimacy is a big part of feeling attractive and sexual so you can make your partner suddenly crave sex by giving this to her. You can build intimacy by sitting close to her and gently stroking her arm, making eye contact and having a meaningful conversation or by giving her a back rub. This makes her feel closer to you and she wants to show this by taking things to a sexual level as a way of cementing the bond between the two of you. It’s important that you keep the intimacy going after sex so it stays a positive memory for her and one she’s going to want to experience again so snuggle with her afterwards.

7) She’s overcome by lust

Being overcome by lust can happen when the right moment occurs and neither of you are going to expect it. Something has quickly changed, maybe you’ve touched her the right way or made her feel attractive, and now her libido is running wild. This isn’t a moment you can plan or try to make happen, it’s spontaneous and something that makes her want sexual pleasure this time may not work next time. When this happens you need to go with the flow and afterwards tell her how sexy it was to see her lose control, this is going to lessen the chance of her feeling embarrassed by her behaviour and more willing to give in to her desires.

8) She’s hormonal

There are certain times when women are more hormonal, especially just before they get their period. Their estrogen and testosterone levels are high and this makes them crave sexual pleasure. Hormones can also make her feel strongly attractive towards you when she naturally increases her estrogen levels by eating more foods like carrots, oranges, peaches, kale and chickpeas as well as drinking red wine. An increase in Vitamin B is also a way to increase estrogen and this can affect her libido by causing her to have moments of increased arousal.

9) She’s feeling attractive

Women are going to have sudden cravings for sex when they feel attractive because it makes them more confident and sexy. This can happen because she just naturally feels good about herself or she may have taken time with her appearance, choosing the perfect outfit and makeup, and now she wants to get close to you. Her self-confidence may also get a boost if she gets a compliment from you or a friend and this makes her feel more attractive so she’s in a more positive mood.

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