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8 Kissing tips for men to be a good kisser

Dirty Talk while Kissing A good kiss will put a woman in the mood and she’ll want even more of you so it’s important to know how to be a good kisser.

1) Be kissable

You need to be kissable otherwise the experience will turn her off. Make sure to shave so your stubble doesn’t scratch her and try to use lip balm on a regular basis so your lips are soft. Avoid eating anything too smelly during dinner and chew gum to get rid of bad breath. You also need to smell good because she’ll be close to you so wear a nice cologne or after shave.

2) Dirty talk

You can use dirty talk while kissing to make things naughtier and more exciting. Kiss her then softly moan and tell her how good she tastes or say that you’re dying to kiss the rest of her body.

3) Ease into it

Don’t go straight for a passionate kiss and never French Kiss during your first kiss. You want the moment to slowly build so start out with a slow, gentle kiss then gradually take things to the next level so it feels naturally instead of like you’re rushing things. French kissing should be done once you know the person well because it’s more intimate and might make her feel uncomfortable.

4) Take your time

You want to gently press your lips against her and give her time to respond to it so she can be in the moment with you. Quick kisses don’t feel sexy and they make it tough for her to get into it because you’re going too fast. It also gives the impression that you’re nervous or don’t know what to do. Show her you have confidence by giving her a smooth sexy kiss.

5) Make body contact

You want the kiss to go further so put the idea of being close in her mind by making body contact. Make eye contact as you move in for the kiss then close your eyes as you give in to it. Put a hand around her waist and press your body against hers while kissing. You could also run a hand through her hair or gently stroke her so more parts of her are stimulated.

6) Kiss more than her lips

A kiss can be very arousing because it’s a light touch and it makes you crave more. Start out by kissing her on the lips then move elsewhere like her neck. If you’re in bed you can kiss a trail down her front to tease her then turn that kissing into oral sex. You could also kiss her breasts and flick your tongue over them to tease her sensitive nipples.

7) Don’t be too forceful

A good kiss makes both of you feel sexy and wanted so you need to make it good for her too. Don’t be too forceful by doing things like holding her too tightly or kissing her too hard. Pay attention to her body language and let her set the pace because she’ll be trying to silently show you what she likes.

8) Stay focused

It can be awkward kissing someone for the first time and it’s easy to ruin the mood. Stay in the moment and make sure your kiss doesn’t last too long because then it becomes awkward. Another problem with a long kiss is the risk of drooling so make sure you avoid embarrassing yourself. Stop the kiss when the moment feels right and let the rest of the events happen naturally.

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