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Dating tips for men: 10 seemingly innocent acts that denote a lot of intimacy

Intimacy actsIntimacy is an important part of a relationship because it strengthens the bond between you and your partner as well as helping your sex life. Some acts of intimacy are sexual but there are some subtle things you can do to express that sentiment and improve the intimate relationships you have. You can easily incorporate them into your daily activities and change things for the better.

1) Brushing their hair out of their eyes

A small and loving way of showing intimacy can be done by gently brushing your partner’s hair out of their eyes and tucking it behind their ear. This shows them that you’re thoughtful and caring but it can also increase their horniness if you do it in a sensual way by letting your fingers brush against their cheek while you smile and make eye contact with them. It’s easy for a gesture like this to turn sexual, especially if you lean in for a kiss as you do it and put your hand on the back to pull them closer to you.

2) Putting your arm around them

Intimate relationships are based on small gestures of affection and these are easy to do without making it obvious what you’re trying to do. When you’re snuggled up on the couch together or walking down the street you can show intimacy by putting your arm around them and holding them close. This makes them feel safe and loved which is going to bring the two of you closer emotionally.

3) Holding their hand

Holding your partner’s hand when you’re walking down the street or when you’re relaxing together is a sign of intimacy because it’s a little touch that conveys support. It’s a physical connection that reminds them they’re not alone and you’re by their side. Now and again you can give their hand a reassuring squeeze or lightly rub your thumb over their hand.

4) Meaningful conversation

Intimate conversationIt’s hard to keep intimate relationships going over a long period of time because you fall into a rut and forget how important intimacy is. Communication is key to intimate relationships because it helps you understand each other better and re-enforces the bond you have. Talking about mundane things like errands that need to be done or what you want to watch on TV is going to get boring so you need to start having meaningful conversations. Talk about plans for the future, where you see the relationship going and share what you love about each other to bring back intimacy.

5) A back rub after work

Most people are tired after a long day of work and a relaxing back rub from you is going to help your partner feel better. Do it in a non-sexual way by not hinting at sex or doing it in the bedroom because you want to gradually increase their horniness until they decide to take things further. You can turn this into a full body massage once you get into the bedroom and add to the mood by lighting candles and using a lightly scented massage oil.

6) Small touches when talking or relaxing

A subtle way to show intimacy in a non-sexual way is by giving your partner small touches when you’re talking to each other or relaxing side by side. You can put your hand on their arm or thigh, put your arm around them and slowly stroke their upper arm or lean against them. Making a physical connection feels good and they’re going to want more of it because they like it. These little touches can make a big difference and these everyday moments are going to be more special.

7) Share something personal

Sharing something personal, like a secret or an event from the past, can help the intimacy you have with each other because you’re being vulnerable with them and giving them a special part of you. They’re going to know how difficult it is for you to share this and they’re going to appreciate how much you trust them. This is going to mean a lot to them and the lines of communication are going to open up between the two of you. Sharing personal thoughts is going to become easier for you and eventually you’re going to know each other better than ever.

8) Send a thoughtful text

Intimate relationships need small gestures regularly because big gestures are difficult and time consuming to come up with often. It’s easy to send a quick text to your partner at lunch telling them that you miss them or that you hope their day is going well and it’s going to bring a small bit of positivity to their day. It shows them that you’re thinking of them and this helps with intimacy because it makes them feel loved. You can also send a text wishing them well when you know they have a big day at work or a text telling them that you love them or that you can’t stop thinking about them if you want to put them in a romantic mood before they come home.

9) Work out together

Working out together doesn’t seem like it can involve intimacy but there are ways to include it and make exercising a fun part of your relationship. Exercising gets your heart rate going and your energy levels are going to be sky high which usually means your horniness is in full swing. After your work out you can use towels to gently rub the sweat off each other, paying attention to erogenous zones to increase the horniness, then shower together. This is a fun way to bring the spark of intimacy back to relationship and helps you have a healthier lifestyle.

10) Share a treat

Sharing a treat can be done with intimacy if you’re playful and sweet while doing it. Buy some pastries, brownies or cake then snuggle up on the couch together to watch a romantic movie. After watching the movie for awhile you can pick up the treat off the coffee table and offer it to your partner. Let them take a bite of it then lean over and give them a little kiss then smile and make a comment about them being sweet. Share the treat and gradually increase the passion of your kisses until horniness takes over the two of you.

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