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8 Tips to make adrenaline the key for a successful first date- in high excitation places

First Date KeyA first date will always make a woman feel nervous and scared but you can manipulate these feelings so that it excites her and increases her horniness. Some women are turned on by fear and a first date is the perfect time to show her that you’re a fun-loving but supportive guy she should date while also pushing boundaries. You’re going to have a great time together which will probably lead to lots more dates or even a serious relationship.

1) Find adventure in a safe way

When you’re using adventure to excite and arouse her you need to do it in a safe way so she doesn’t feel scared of you or think that you’re a weirdo. Don’t go for a big adventure like skydiving for a first date but an activity that’s more low key, like going go-kart racing at a speedway or skinny dipping. These are things she’s may not have done before and since they’re not too outrageous it gives her a chance to build trust with you. Trying something new will get her heart pounding and she’s going to want to release her pent up adrenaline and horniness.

2) Let your imagination run wild

You’re going to be talking a lot before your first date, especially if you meet on an online dating site because you want to know everything about each other before you see each other. You’re going to share your fantasies, sexual and non-sexual, so combine the two. Tell them an adventure you’d like to go on with them then weave some sexiness into it. Talk about driving to the countryside to look at the stars then mention wanting to make love under them. Once she gets into it you can take things father and both of you can let your imaginations run wild as you think of all the naughty things you can do together.

3) Gradually increase horniness

increase horninessDuring the first date she’s going to be thinking about sex and wondering what it’ll be like with you but you need to take things at the right pace. Women need time for anticipation to build so when you’re having an adventure with her start by focusing on what you’re doing and wait for adrenaline to begin flowing through her. When you know she’s having fun and getting scared about pushing her limits you can slowly increase her horniness by giving her little touches or telling her how sexy she looks. The feelings of adrenaline, fear and horniness should be combined so that it overwhelms her and drives her crazy.

4) Do something you’ve never done before

One way to really get the adrenaline going is by doing something you’ve never done before because even a small bit of familiarity with an activity will dull how nervous or excited it will make you. Each of you should make a list of things you’ve never done before and choose one together. You can flatter her while playing to her horniness by telling her that your first date will be memorable for two reasons: it’s the day you met an amazing, sexy woman like her as well as the adventure you’re going to do. She’s going to know you’re attracted to her and will be thinking of that during your date.

5) Have the first date be a surprise

Most people have an idea of how the first date will go and look forward to having sex with someone new but they still have feelings of fear because they know things don’t always go according to plan. You can really push her adrenaline levels by keeping the location of your first date a surprise until the last minute. She isn’t going to know what to expect and this makes her think of all sorts of crazy ideas. She’s going to be scared and excited when she shows up and it will be easy for you to awaken her horniness since she’s already on edge. If you know she’s kinky then you can take her to a sex club or do something she won’t be expecting at all like rock climbing.

6) Use yourself as well as the adventure

The first date starts the second you see each other and that is when you need to make your first move. The focus of the first date shouldn’t be entirely on what you’re doing or where you’re going, it should be an equal mix of doing something together and making a connection with each other. You have to use yourself to make a connection with her because women need to feel that before they give in to their horniness and sleep with a guy they’ve just met. You need to do things like make eye contact, smile and act friendly, tell her that you’re scared too, tell her that you find her sexy and make yourself seem fun and interesting. She’s going to wonder just how much you like to push boundaries and constant flirting from you is going to make her want to know what you’re like in the bedroom.

7) Both of you need to be full of adrenaline

A first date is something you’re experiencing together and she’s going to notice if you’re not as involved in it as she is which is going to negatively affect her horniness. She wants to be on the same level as her so instead of making sure your adventure goes perfectly by taking control of the situation you need to make sure to immerse yourself. Show her how you’re feeling by being expressive and enthusiastic, this makes her feel like she’s part of a couple and it’s going to get your adrenaline going too. she’s going to see you’re as excited as she is and she’s going to want to share the moment with you then keep it going so it lasts as long as possible.

8) Move quickly towards sex

As soon as the adventure part of your date is over you need to quickly move towards sex because you don’t want to give her time to calm down and get control of herself. When the main part of your date is over you can hold her close, feel her shake from excitement and kiss her. Tell her that you want her then take her home for sex. She’s going to be caught up in the moment and having you take charge is going to sweep her off her feet. She wants a confident man and she’s going to appreciate you making the first move so she doesn’t have to.

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