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first date

Non sexual things women like from men

Women reveal 10 non-sexual things men do that turn them on the most

When women are choosing a partner they look for a man that can excite them in the bedroom but also in a non-sexual way because they want someone who can satisfy all of their needs. There are things you do that you don’t even realize they pay attention to nor do you know the effect […]

What not to say on your first date

11 Things you should never say on a first date

When you’re on a first date you want to make a good impression but saying the wrong thing, even if it seems appropriate to you, could cause things to end quickly. You should never talk about your ex girlfriend because you don’t want to come across as bitter or still not over them and you […]

First Date Jitters

8 Ways to reduce first date jitters

It’s normal to have first date jitters because you’re spending time with someone you don’t know and you want the night to be a success. Nervousness will fill you and this can cause you to make a bad first impression because you’ll be fidgety and she’ll be able to pick up on your body language. […]

Dating Fatigue

7 Signs You Have Dating Fatigue & How to Bounce Back

Dating fatigue is something that people don’t talk a lot about because they don’t know that’s what they’re suffering from and blame it on being too stressed out from work, not getting enough sleep or feeling restless with life in general. It’s good to take a break from the dating scene now and again because […] Protection Status