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7 Signs the sexual tension between you is real

Sexual TensionWhen you think there might be sexual tension between you and someone else you need to know if it’s real or night before you do anything about it because you don’t want to make the wrong move. There are obvious signs that the sexual tension is real, like finding it difficult to control your horniness or constantly flirting with them but there are other signs that are more subtle, like intense eye contact with each other. Knowing if the feeling between the two of you is real is important so take a look at how you act together and see if there’s enough signs there for you to act on and take things to the next level.

1) You’re always making eye contact and smiling

There’s a difference between the eye contact you make with family and friends and the kind you do with someone you feel sexual tension with. When there’s sexual tension the eye contact is more intense and sensual because it’s conveying how you feel about them. You want to get their attention so you maintain eye contact and use other body language like smiling to show your attraction to them. The mouth is a sexy part of the body and is an erogenous zone so when your horniness is flaring up you’re going to nibble on your bottom lip or lick your lips to draw attention to it. You’re expressing your sexual desire in a subtle way that is easy for them to pick up on.

2) You feel them checking you out

When you’re in the same room as them you’re going to feel someone watching you and when you look to see who it is you’re going to notice them quickly turn away. They’re checking you out and want you to know it but they’re still trying to be discreet because they’re either not sure if you’re attracted to them or they’re waiting for you to make the first move. When you catch them checking you out, acknowledge it by smiling at them then start a conversation so you can move things along.

3) Every conversation is flirting

If every conversation you have with them revolves around flirting then there is definitely sexual tension there because you wouldn’t talk like that with someone you’re not attracted to. You have a good idea of how far to push the sexy talk and each conversation is gradually more sexually suggestive. They flirt back because it’s a game the two of you are playing and you look forward to these conversations while trying to come up with something good to say. You’re constantly flirting with them because your horniness is getting difficult to control and this helps relieve some of the pressure you’re feeling. You’re getting close to asking them out and are building up the excitement and anticipation of being with them.

4) It’s hard to control your horniness

Horniness ControlWhen the sexual tension is building it’s going to be harder to control your horniness because you want them bad and you’re close to having them. You’re tempted to do things like flirt with them and ‘accidentally’ brush up against them because you’re desperate for a sexual release. Since things aren’t intimate between the two of you yet you’re going to think about them while masturbating and you’re going to act more reckless around them to try and move the relationship along so you can finally break the sexual tension and get what you want.

5) You find reasons to spend time with them

You know you have sexual tension with someone when you find reasons to spend time with them and know that they look forward to these moments as well. It makes you feel good being with them and your horniness flares up even though there’s nothing overtly sexual happening. Your excuses for seeing them will be mundane and you’ll come up with whatever you can because you just want to be with them and the reason why doesn’t matter to you. You pretend that it’s a causal coffee date or you can only talk to them about something important but both of you know what’s really going on and keep the illusion going because you’re testing the waters to see if things can turn into something more serious. When you’re spending time with them you try to casually mention how much you like hanging out and that it would be nice to do it someplace more private to get them thinking about how much fun it would be to give in to your sexual tension and hook up.

6) Little touches electrify you

Little touches, like a pat on the arm or brushing against each other, is going to feel different when there’s sexual tension. You will notice that these touches are more meaningful to you and you’ll feel a rush or a sense of electricity run through you. Your heart will pound faster and you become hyper-aware of every little thing that they do. These are the moments that start your horniness and you crave more of their touch until you can’t take it anymore. You know the sexual tension is mutual because they’re going to make it obvious that they’re flirting with you by smiling and making eye contact while they do this.

7) They’re all you want

When the sexual tension between you is the real deal you’re only going to have eyes for them and you’re not going to want anyone else because you know there’s a good chance you’re going to hook up with them. Whenever you check out other people you may feel slightly interested in but it’s nothing compared to the one you have sexual tension with and you wish you were with them instead. When you try going on a date with someone else you feel bored and it rarely leads to a second date because you deliberately keep an emotional distance that your date picks up on. You drop hints about being single when you talk to your crush and are willing to wait for them for as long as it takes for them to be ready to go out with you.

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