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9 Things women really find unattractive in men

unattractive manDating is a struggle when you don’t understand what women really find unattractive in men because you may be trying to live up to expectations that you see in the media but that aren’t applicable in real life. Men who show off their masculinity and pamper their girlfriends with money and gifts are a common scene in the media but these types are guys are what women want for a fantasy and not for real life relationships. These qualities are actually going to turn them off and they won’t give you any attention. By knowing what you’re doing that’s sending the wrong message to the women you’re interested in you can make some changes and become a man that women want.

1) Mistaking masculinity for sexiness

A lot of men think that the more masculinity they show the sexier they are and women will be drawn to them. It’s possible to take this behaviour too far and it becomes unattractive so you need to find the right balance. There are a million ways to show sexiness that don’t involve being arrogant, taking control of decision making and acting rough. Women want a man who has self-confidence but is humble, knows when it’s appropriate to be in charge, isn’t afraid of confident women who see themselves as equal to men and who understands that masculinity also involves being vulnerable and in touch with feelings.

2) Keeping thoughts and feelings to themselves

One aspect of masculinity is being strong and silent, men don’t want to let their thought and feelings show because it makes them look weak. This is such a common sign of masculinity that men tend to struggle with expressing themselves and don’t bother opening up to their partner because they don’t know how or want to avoid the negative feelings they have from it. Women don’t find it attractive when men keep things to themselves because they feel like they don’t really know them and they want to share a deep, personal connection that comes from sharing thoughts and feelings. They want a man they can share things with and feel close to.

3) Being competitive

Men tend to be competitive in different areas of life, from the type of career they have to the amount of money they make to how much time they spend in the gym. They’re always comparing themselves to other men and trying to be the best at everything. Women are competitive too but they’re not as obvious and obsessed with it as men are. It’s not attractive when this is all men care about, women want a man who’s competitive when it’s important like when they’re after a job promotion. They think it’s better to spend energy elsewhere, such as working on their relationship or focusing on hobbies.

4) Bad hygiene

Bad hygiene is something that is very unattractive to women and they hate it when men do things like clipping their toenails without picking up the pieces, scratching themselves in public, using cheap cologne that doesn’t smell nice and wearing the same clothes day after day or wearing clothes that are old and stained. They want a man who has self-confidence and takes pride in his appearance so you need to make an effort in taking care of yourself. You only need to make a few small changes to have a big difference to your hygiene routine.

5) Not sticking to commitments

Commitments, whether it’s a major one like monogamy or a minor one like following through on date night or picking her up from work, are important in a relationship and when you don’t stick to them it’s going to be very unattractive to the woman you’re trying to be with. It shows her that you don’t take things seriously and you’re not mature enough to be considerate of other people. When you say you’re going to do something you need to keep your word so she knows you’re reliable and thoughtful if you don’t want to be unattractive to her.

6) Obsession with video games

Video games are a very popular hobby, especially among men but some become obsessed with it. It’s the only hobby they have and will spend hours playing them which makes it a bad habit that needs to be broken. She wants to visit local attractions and have conversations about things you both have in common. You can still play video games but do it in moderation and make sure you have an active social life with a variety of hobbies or interests.

7) Expecting traditional gender roles

Traditional gender roles are slowly becoming outdated but some people are still so used to them that they expect it from their partners. Men who expect their girlfriend to take on a traditional gender role and do things like take care of him and defer to him are unattractive to women who are progressive. When you don’t know how she feels about gender roles you need to not assume anything and take time to find out how she is so you don’t say or do anything that offends her. It’s never unattractive when a man treats his girlfriend as an equal so treat her as one and if she’s uncomfortable with it then play around to see what works for the both of you.

8) Focusing too much on money

focused on money
A lot of emphasis is put on money because it’s a big part of life but you can focus on it in a way that’s unattractive. Bragging about how much money you make, going into debt to buy expensive items or showing off by taking her to upscale restaurants or always buying her gifts sends the wrong message. It makes her think your self-confidence is low and you’re over-compensating with nice things or that you’re a narcissist. She’s not going to find it unattractive if you’re careful with money, live within your means and only buy expensive items or treat her to gifts when it’s a special occasion.

9) Not taking care of her in bed

It’s well known that men are quicker in bed and they can be selfish lovers which is one of the more unattractive qualities they have. It leads to sexual frustration in a relationship and women feeling like their partner doesn’t care about their needs. You need to take care of her in bed by taking time to find out what she enjoys, going at her pace and making sure she orgasms as well as you do. This makes her feel sexy and loved which helps the way she sees you.

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