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9 Ways to find a girlfriend as a nerd

Daing as nerdGetting a girlfriend when you’re a nerd can be tough because women have preconceived ideas about you and you may let that bring down your self-confidence levels. By making a few small changes to how you act and think you can make a big difference to your dating life and realize that being a nerd can be a good thing.

1) Join nerd oriented dating sites

There are lots of online dating sites like adultfriendfinder so look up ones that are specifically for people who have nerd related interests. You can find ones that are for niche areas like movies or games and you can join one that fits your interests. This can help you find a girlfriend because you know the women there have common interests with you so you won’t be as nervous and starting a conversation will be easy because you’re familiar with what they want to talk about. This helps you make a connection with them and things will naturally lead towards going out on a date.

2) Act confident and friendly

There’s a lot of stereotypes of people who fit the nerd lifestyle, such as being shy or socially awkward, and if you live up to these ideas because you think it’s expected of you then you’re not going to get a girlfriend. You have to show women that being a nerd isn’t a turn off like they think it is and you can do this by being confident and friendly. This makes you seem like any other guy and if being confident doesn’t come naturally to you then you can fake it until you get used to talking to women.

3) Lay off the nerd behaviour

A couple of ways to identify a nerd is how they talk constantly about obscure movies, TV shows, books and games and how they usually wear jeans and geeky graphic t-shirts showing the fandom they belong to. It’s okay to be a nerd but by making it the main part of your personality you’re making it harder for women to see the real you and you’ll have a hard time getting a girlfriend. You should have a basic knowledge of a variety of subjects so you can keep up your end of conversations and when you go out to meet women you should dress nicely and save the graphic t-shirts for when you’re relaxing at home.

4) Go to nerd social groups

Flirting at the conventionThere are a variety of social groups that are geared towards people who have nerd interests and you can find out which ones are local to you by looking online. You can also go to nerd events, like conventions, that are one-off events if you don’t want to join a social group. You have a good chance of finding a girlfriend at these places because you’re with people who are similar to you and your nerd behaviour will be appreciated and embraced by others.

5) Find common interests

You need to have common interests with someone if you’re going to be dating them otherwise the relationship won’t last very long. Having common interests will forge a bond between the two of you because you’ll have something to talk about and you have activities to do together that both of you enjoy. When you’re talking to a woman you’re interested in start mentioning things you love and pay attention to which ones she likes as well because the excitement of finding common interests can quickly bring you closer together and she’s going to want to spend more time with you.

6) Work on your appearance

First impressions matter a lot when it comes to dating because people don’t like wasting time and won’t give you a second chance once they’ve decided you’re not their type. Don’t go for the stereotypical nerd look of wearing raggedy or geeky clothes, having messy hair, wearing glasses and being chubby because fitness isn’t a priority in your life. Instead, when you’re looking for a girlfriend make an effort with your appearance by wearing nice clothes, take care of your personal appearance by getting regular haircuts and shaving, get contact lenses if you wear glasses and have an exercise regime so you look sexy and masculine. This is going to get her attention and she’s going to keep an open mind when getting to know you because you’re not what she was expecting a nerd to be like.

7) Ask your friends for a blind date

If you’re the kind of nerd who’s shy around women or you’re afraid that women aren’t going to like you then you’re not going to be outgoing when it comes to dating. You’re not going to join dating sites, try to pick women up at bars or join social groups to find nerdy women who might like you and this is going to make it impossible for you to find a girlfriend. You can ask your friends to set you up on a blind date because they know you well so they can find a woman that’s appropriate for you and this takes the pressure off of you initiating first contact. All it takes is one right match and you’ll have a girlfriend that’s perfect for you.

8) Go out of your comfort zone

Part of a nerd personality is playing it safe and sticking to what you know which can make you seem boring. When you want to find a girlfriend you need to be willing to go out of your comfort zone so that you can get her attention. You have to go up and talk to her, flirt like you know what you’re doing and be willing to take her out on dates to places she likes but you don’t. She’s going to appreciate you making an effort and is going to have a better opinion of you.

9) Be friends first

Get a girlfriend may be easier for you to ease into a dating situation and you can do this by being friends first and letting the relationship naturally go further.  find women that you get along with and take time getting to know them so you can decide if they’re dating material or not. You should keep being friends with the ones you want to have a platonic relationship with but slowly and casually start dropping hints about something more to the one lucky lady that you have romantic feelings for until she’s your girlfriend.

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