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10 Things to do if your GF won’t go down on you

Your girlfriend does not give you a blowjob All men love getting a blowjob from their girlfriend but some women don’t enjoy giving oral sex because it’s not enjoyable for them. If you’re dating this type of woman then there are a few things you can do to deal with the situation.

1) Be understanding

Be understanding with her because if you keep pushing her for oral sex then she’s going to get frustrated and will be less likely to do it. Don’t pressure her about it because she might change her mind later on.

2) Find out why

There might be a reason why she doesn’t like oral sex, maybe she feels embarrassed or maybe she had a bad experience with an ex. Talk to her about because the issue might be something the two of you can deal with.

3) Ask her to consider it

She might think you’re happy with the way things are so you need to let her know that it’s something you’d like to have.

4) See if you can make it better for her

Ask if there’s anything you can do to make it better for her because the problem might be you. It could be a hygiene issue or it could be the way you act during the oral sex. Don’t get upset and try to do what she tells you.

5) Be more romantic

The issue might be your sex life in general and she’s only doing the bare minimum to keep you happy. You can make her feel happy and sexy by being more romantic with her because it’ll show her that you’re still attracted to her.

6) Go down on her

It’s only fair that you go down on her if you’re expecting the same in return. Give her oral and make it the most amazing night of her life then afterwards. She’ll want to make you feel just as good so a few nights later there’s a chance she might go down on you.

7) Try 69

Women don’t get stimulation when giving oral sex so trying 69 could be a way to make it a couple’s activity instead of all the pleasure going to you. This could also be a way to spice up sex and start trying new positions.

8) Have a hook up

If you’re in a casual relationship then you could find someone who’s willing to hook up with you now and again for a little fun. Join dating sites like Adultfriendfinder, tell them what you’re looking for and see them when you have time away from your girlfriend.

9) Pay for it

Paying a professional is easier than having a hook up because there’s no chance of a relationship happening and there’s less work involved since you won’t be spending all your time online messaging potential partners.

10) Settle for less often

You could settle for oral sex less often by asking your girlfriend to go down on you every couple of months or when she’s in the mood. This takes the pressure off her and gives her control over when she does it so she won’t feel like you’re forcing her to do it.

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