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9 Small gestures women always notice even if they don’t say it

Small GesturesGrand gestures are always noticed because they’re eye-catching but don’t think this means that your girlfriend or wife won’t notice the small gestures you do to show your love because they do, they just don’t always mention it. These gestures are important to your relationship because they show love and strengthen the bond you feel with each other so make an effort to do things like show affection or surprise them with a date night because it matters more than you realize.

1) Making breakfast or dinner

Breakfast and dinner can be stressful times because you’re either rushing to get ready for work or you’re feeling tired and just want to rest. You’re not in the mood to decide what to eat, make it then clean up afterwards so small gestures like occasionally making these meals for your partner is something they’re going to appreciate. It takes some pressure off of them and leave them feeling more relaxed which improves their mental and emotional well-being and this makes a positive difference to them and their relationship with you.

2) Texting her a sweet message

It makes you feel good when someone you love sends you a text to brighten your day so do that for your partner and show them that you’re thinking of them. The best time for gestures like this is when she’s going through a rough patch at work or when you know she’s feeling stressed out. Keep the text short and sweet, telling her that you love her or you miss her or that you can’t wait to see her tonight to make her day a little better. Checking in with her makes her feel like she isn’t dealing with things by herself and that she has someone by her side.

3) Picking her up a treat

A nice way to show thoughtfulness and affection is by picking up a small treat to surprise your partner with. Gestures like these are easy to do because you can incorporate it into your daily routine and it’s inexpensive so you can fit it into your budget. On your way home from work you can get her a pastry from a shop you know she likes, buy fresh flowers for the bedroom or when you’re shopping you can buy a magazine she likes to read. It’s a good way to keep romance alive in between date nights and it’s going to make her feel loved.

4) Planning date night

Date nightHaving a date night is something that couples should do but don’t always do because they fall into a routine and don’t think about it or they don’t realize how it affects their relationship. It’s important though because it keeps the spark going between the two of you and enforces the feeling of love you have for one another. Give her a candlelit dinner or a picnic outside so the two of you can get in the right kind of mood and spend some quality time together. Surprising her by planning a date night is something that’s going to mean a lot to her and is something she won’t forget.

5) Not joking about her

A lot of guys joke about their girlfriend or wife because in some circles, like when they’re hanging out with their friends, it’s expected of them but it’s actually hurtful and insulting. Women don’t like this and if you do it often enough it’s going to drive a wedge between the two of you. Small gestures where you make them feel good about themselves is going to make a big difference so in a social situation avoid making jokes and instead compliment her on something she’s good at while proudly putting your arm around her.

6) Remembering what’s important to her

It’s easy to forget about something when it doesn’t directly affect you so gestures where you make an effort are ones that are going to get her attention. Make notes of what is important to her, such as a job promotion or achieving a personal goal, and mention it or congratulate her when it’s appropriate. This shows her that you listen to what she says and remember what she cares about which is what you want to express to her. It’s especially going to have a big impact on her if it’s something she mentioned only one time in a casual way but you still remembered it.

7) Giving a helping hand

Small gestures that women notice but won’t always mention is ones where you’re doing something thoughtful but also expected. This can be you supporting her or helping her out when you know she’s busy or needs a rest. Giving her a helping hand by doing some of her household chores so she doesn’t have to worry about it, giving her a back massage when she’s tired or offering to help her is what a partner should do but some are too selfish to offer. You don’t want to be that kind of person and she’s going to remember this later on when you’re the one who needs help with something.

8) Showing affection even when she’s happy

Most people show affection when their partner is upset or sad because they’re trying to cheer them up but these gestures shouldn’t be reserved for certain occasions. You should show affection for all emotions, even happy ones, because it’s about connecting with your partner and emphasizing your love for them. You can show affection with small gestures like cuddling up to them on the couch, holding their hand when walking down the street or kissing them on the cheek when you pass by them.

9) Being reliable

Being reliable can be done with a variety of small gestures like being on time, keeping your promises and taking the initiative with certain decisions or chores. She may not notice the first time you do this but she will if you make it a habit. Being reliable is a quality that women want in a man and this type of behaviour will also be noticed by friends and co-workers if you carry it into all areas of your life. Not only are you proving to your partner that you’re the right kind of man for her but you’re also improving who you are as a person.

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