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10 Things to do when your relationship has become boring & how to fix it

Boring Relationship
When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time you’ll get into a comfortable routine that will eventually make you feel bored and you’ll miss the days when you had things to look forward to. This feeling of boredom will cause a distance between you and your partner and if it goes on for long enough it could lead to the end of your relationship. You need to fix this before that happens so make an effort to change the way things are going, practice better communication and bring excitement back to your relationship.

1) Practice better communication

Better Communication
Better communication can help your relationship by helping you understand your partner better and create a stronger bond between the two of you. This can also stop things from being boring because you’ll be having interesting conversations and you’ll see that there are sides to your partner that you never knew before. To practice better communication you need to be honest with your partner, listen to what they say, try to see things from their point of view and talk through problems instead of fighting.

2) Make a relationship bucket list

You can bring excitement back to your relationship by making a bucket list of things to do together as a couple. These can be fun things like going on a vacation to a different country and trying bungee jumping or naughty things like exploring kinky sex and living out your sexual fantasies. You need to make this bucket list together and have a variety of activities on it so you’ll have lots of things to look forward to and when you’re feeling bored you can take it out and pick an activity to do.

3) Explore kinky sex

Exploring Kinky Sex
Kinky sex can also improve things between you and your partner because it involves honesty, trust and better communication since you’re dealing with a sensitive subject. There are a million kinky activities to try, from BDSM to roleplays, so push boundaries and see how much fun the two of you can have in the bedroom. Your sex life does impact how things are between you and your partner so making it enjoyable again will help improve things.

4) Be more romantic

Being more romantic can improve your relationship because you’re being loving towards your partner and making them remember how things used to be when you first started dating. Small romantic gestures like cooking dinner for them, giving them a back massage or surprising them with flowers will make them feel special and they’ll get creative by coming up with ideas for ways to treat you to a surprise.

5) Have surprise date nights

Surprise date nights
Surprise date nights will bring excitement back to your relationship because you’re getting out of your usual routine. You’ll have fun coming up with new date ideas and your partner will always be wondering when and where you’ll be going next. These can be done on a budget because you can do inexpensive things like going on a picnic, visiting local attractions or watch a movie that both of you like. You can also make it sexy by cooking a romantic meal featuring foods that are aphrodisiacs and ending the night by having kinky sex.

6) Show affection more often

When you’ve been together for awhile you get used to each other being there and you stop being affectionate. The thrill of getting to know each other and being intimate has faded and you need to get that feeling back by showing affection again. Little touches on the arm, cuddling and small kisses on the cheek can have a big impact and once these gestures start happening again both you and your partner will be craving them because you’ll realize how much you missed them.

7) Try something new

Trying something new
Trying something new will get help you get out of your rut and show you that a long lasting relationship can still be exciting. A small thing like going to a new restaurant or trying a new sex position can be enough to make you realize that you’ve gotten stuck in a routine and that your life has become dull. You’ll like having a new experience and you’ll look forward to trying something else which will give you something to look forward to and you’ll be more adventurous this time because you want to keep having a good time.

8) Do something both of you love

Doing something that both of you love will remind you of how nice it can be just to spend time together and show you that you still have common interests. The activity you do could be a hobby you both share, an attraction you enjoy or a favourite TV show or movie. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s something both of you enjoy because it’s about spending quality time together. This will motivate you to make an effort at having more moments like these and you’ll create nice memories together.

9) Play a game

Sex Games
Playing a game can bring fun back to your relationship and you can base what game you play on the mood you’re in. If you’re in a relaxed mood you can play a board game, if you want to get closer to your partner you can play a game like Truth or Dare where you can find out all sorts of things about each other and if you’re in a naughty mood you can play a kinky sex game. You can also make up your own game where you ask each other random questions and work on having better communication skills at the same time.

10) Plan a trip

Taking a trip can be stressful for a couple but if you take the time to carefully plan it and talk to your partner about what you want to get out of the trip then it can be a pleasant experience. Travel is fun and planning where to go and what to see will get your imagination flowing. You’ll have something to look forward to and you’ll spend lots of time researching cities and attractions until you have an idea of the perfect vacation. Once you put it into place you’ll count down the days until it happens and the anticipation will build between you and your partner.

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