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10 Ways highly intelligent people act differently in love

People in LovePeople who are highly intelligent act differently when they’re in love because it’s easier for them to process their thoughts and feelings. This means they’re straightforward about their feelings, are less likely to rush into love and understand that there’s a difference between having sex and being in love. Those are the major differences but there are quite a few more ways that highly intelligent people approach the idea of being in love.

1) They know what they want

Highly intelligent people have spent time thinking about their needs and wants in a relationship and when they’re considering being in a serious relationship with someone they’re focused on what they want. They feel themselves falling in love and are thinking about how well this potential partner can fulfill their needs instead of taking a chance and seeing if things will work out. They are straightforward about what they want and will let a potential partner know what they are looking for and if they meet their standards.

2) Having sex and being in love are two different things

Having sex and being in love are two different things because you can have one without the other and highly intelligent people understand this. They keep this in mind and don’t get upset when being in love with someone doesn’t always mean having sex exclusively with them. They can handle open relationships better and know that monogamy isn’t a true measurement of how much someone loves you because it’s how you feel about your partner and how they treat you that really matters.

3) They choose their partners carefully

Since highly intelligent people know what they want they are more careful about picking their partners and choose them based on the kind of relationship they want. If they’re just interested in having sex they will focus on looks and won’t do anything that will cause them to become emotionally attached but when they want love they are more selective and don’t mind being single while they wait to meet someone who is a good match for them. They don’t date someone who has just one or two qualities they’re looking for because they want someone they can really connect with.

4) They want compatibility

Having sex with someone is simple and requires little thought or consideration but love is a more serious issue and this is when highly intelligent people value compatibility over attractiveness. They know that they’re going to be spending a lot of time with someone they’re in love with and want to date someone they get along with. They care less about looks and having sex full of passion and more about personality and having a happy life together. They want someone who has a sense of humor, is thoughtful and knows how to compromise to make a relationship work.

5) They don’t believe in love at first sight

Love at first sight They know that love at first sight is just an influx of pheromones and they keep their emotions under control until they have a chance to assess the situation. They are type of people who are okay with casual relationships and having sex without love until they figure out if the person is someone they want to build a life with. They think people who believe in love at first sight are silly and gullible and will only date others who take things slowly and see a relationship as a serous but sometimes difficult experience.

6) They’re straightforward about their feelings

They are straightforward about their feelings and aren’t going to lie just because it’s something their partner wants to hear. They know that love won’t last if the relationship is built on lies and they will be honest if they feel like the relationship isn’t going well. They do this because they know that things have a chance of working out if their partner knows what’s going on and they can work together to fix things. They see dating as a partnership and won’t hide how they feel to avoid an argument or a difficult conversation.

) They have realistic views of love

People who are highly intelligent have realistic views of love and have a sense of humor about it. They don’t believe in fairytales of meeting the perfect person and spending the rest of their lives together. They know relationships don’t always last forever and they keep an open mind and have a sense of humor when their partner has some flaws. They will date someone with flaws because they know that everybody has them and they are willing to make an effort at having a successful relationship if they know they’re falling in love.

8) They appreciate the good times

Every relationship has it’s ups and downs and highly intelligent people are more likely to appreciate the good times because they’re more realistic about the relationship eventually ending. They take the time to appreciate the small gestures of love, the inside joke, having sex that’s better than usual and special memories that are made. They do this because these are things they look back on and make the relationship worthwhile. Appreciating the good times lets them see how positive being in love can be and it makes them willing to be vulnerable and fall in love when the time is right.

9) They don’t force love to happen

They’re not going to force love to happen even if they feel a connection or if they used to be in love but it’s starting to fade. If they feel a connection with someone but their instinct is telling them that this relationship isn’t right for them then they will listen to that feeling and break up with their partner. If they still care for their partner but are falling out of love then they will consider alternatives for the relationship, like keep having sex with each other so sexual needs get taken care of but will no longer be dating.

10) They keep their independence

Keeping your independence is important when you’re in love because this decreases the possibility of doing something careless and ending up worse off when the relationship ends. Highly intelligent people will take care of themselves and won’t let having sex cloud their judgement or put them in a vulnerable position. They always keep separate bank accounts, will date for a long time before considering moving in together and will maintain friendships instead of letting their life revolve around being a couple. They know there’s a good chance they will be single again and that keeping their independence is going to help them when that time comes.

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