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demisexual person

10 Ways to know if your partner is demisexual or she is not really into you

People who are demisexual find it difficult to be sexually attracted to someone when there’s no emotional connection and they take things slowly when they’re in a relationship. If you’re not familiar with the characteristics of someone who is demisexual and your girlfriend is this type of person then you may think she’s not really […]

People in Love

10 Ways highly intelligent people act differently in love

People who are highly intelligent act differently when they’re in love because it’s easier for them to process their thoughts and feelings. This means they’re straightforward about their feelings, are less likely to rush into love and understand that there’s a difference between having sex and being in love. Those are the major differences but […]

Making Love

8 Differences between having sex and making love

There’s a difference between having sex and making love but it takes time and understanding to learn that. Having sex is something you do with people you meet on hookup sites and there’s no real connection but making love is all about sharing an intimate and passionate moment with someone you love. It’s important to […] Protection Status