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Breaking Up

7 Ways to break up or end a relationship like a gentleman

When you want to break up with someone you want to do it in the right way because it’s better for both of you mentally and emotionally. If you don’t end a relationship like a gentleman you’re going to risk causing a scene in public, hurting someone you used to love and making it more […]

Relationships Over 40s

7 Relationship blunders no one over 40 should make

By the time you’re over 40 you should have enough relationship experience to know what mistakes you should avoid making so that you can have a long lasting and fulfilling relationship. This is important because when you get older it’s good to have a partner you truly love, can spend quality time with and can […]

Attractive People finding a Partner

10 Reasons why attractive people have a harder time finding a partner

Attractive people are supposed to be lucky in love because everyone wants them but they can actually have a harder time finding a partner for a long-term relationship than average looking people. Their looks can be a barrier in their dating life because they’re judge more harshly than others, they’re seen as sex objects and […]

Boring Relationship

10 Things to do when your relationship has become boring & how to fix it

When you’ve been in a relationship for a long time you’ll get into a comfortable routine that will eventually make you feel bored and you’ll miss the days when you had things to look forward to. This feeling of boredom will cause a distance between you and your partner and if it goes on for […] Protection Status