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9 Great things about dating older women

Dating an older womanDating an older woman has a lot of benefits but some men don’t realize this because they get fixated on age and make it a bigger deal than it needs to be. By keeping an open mind and being willing to date a mature woman you can have a kind of relationship unlike one you’ve experienced before because an older woman knows what she wants, can teach you about what good sex is all about and she knows how to be sexy but also classy which is an alluring combination.

1) They’re more interesting

One big difference between an older woman and a younger one is life experience, you naturally have done more things in life as you age and this makes a relationship more interesting. The conversations you have are going to have more variety to them and you’ll have lots of things to talk about. These life experiences are going to help you realize just how interesting she is and that she has a lot to teach you. This is going to grab your attention and you’re going to want to spend lots of time with her as you get to know her better.

2) They don’t play hard to get

An older woman has enough dating experience to know that it’s silly and childish to play hard to get and that it’s a waste of time. This means you don’t have to wonder if she’s attracted to you or if she’s just playing around and trying to get an ego boost by seeing if you’ll chase after her. When she flirts back or tries to set up a date with you then you know it’s the real deal and that she’s being upfront because she doesn’t want to waste time.

3) They know what good sex is

Having good sexYou’re going to find out what good sex is when you date a mature woman because she knows what she likes, she knows what men usually like, knows how to effectively communicate during sex and she’s not going to mind teaching you a few new things. With women your own age there’s still a shy, awkwardness with sex because of lack of experience but an older woman knows how to make it fun and meaningful while showing confidence in her body and ability to bring both of you pleasure.

4) They don’t rush into love

When you’re young love is exciting and new so you let your emotions take over and you rush into love. An older woman knows that love can cause you to make mistakes or get your heartbroken and she isn’t going to want to experience this again. She’s going to take things slowly and won’t pressure you by talking about moving in together or getting married while it’s still early in the relationship. Her desire to move at a slower pace is going to make the relationship feel more stable and you’re going to be more confident about dating her.

5) They know what they want

It’s easier to date someone who knows what they want because you don’t have to keep trying to figure out if you’re missing something between the lines. It’s going to feel like an equal partnership because you know where you stand with her and understand what kind of relationship she wants with you. Having an understanding of each other is going to bring you closer together which is going to help you have good sex and a longer lasting and healthier relationship.

6) They’re more stable in life

You’re going to have more stability in your life as you get older because you’re established in your career, you have a better understanding of yourself and what you want out of life, have a better grasp of finances and you know it’s important to not waste time on meaningless things. This stability means that when you date an older woman she’s less likely to get stressed out about work, skip dates because she wants to hang out with friends or constantly complaining about money or asking you to lend her some. She’s a mature adult and you’re not going to have a lot of moments with her where she comes across as being high maintenance.

7) They know what’s important in a relationship

Since an older woman has had her heart broken a few times she has a better idea of what is required to have a healthy relationship and if she truly likes you she’s going to focus on what she knows is most important to making things work. She’s going to have better communication skills so there will be less fights, she’s not going to get upset every time you check out another woman because she knows that looking is different than acting up on it and when there is a problem she’s going to deal with it in a mature way instead of pouting or giving you the silent treatment. Your relationship with her is going to be smoother and less drama filled than your past relationships which is going to help your mental health.

8) They’re more sexually adventurous

When you date an older woman there’s a good chance she has more sexual experience than you do and this is going to lead to the two of you having good sex. She knows how fun it is to try new things and she’s going to be more sexually adventurous than your exes. She’s not going to be shy about asking what you want to do in bed or about telling you what she likes and you don’t have to be embarrassed to tell her your fantasies because she’s old enough to have a good idea of what men want. She’s also old enough to know how important sex is to a relationship and will make an effort to keep things exciting so that you don’t fall in a rut and drift apart.

9) They know how to be classy and sexy

The way an older woman presents herself is different than someone who’s younger because she knows that being sexy doesn’t mean going around half naked. She has a sexy style that’s rooted in being classy because she has confidence in herself and knows that the kind of men she should be dating will be attracted to her personality. She’s going to wear clothes that hint at sex but keep her covered up enough to get your imagination going wild.

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