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9 Warning signs she’s not satisfied in be

She is not satisfied in bedIt’s important that your partner is satisfied in bed because if she isn’t then it will drive a distance between the two of you and that will affect your relationship. There are some obvious signs you’ll notice right away, like her declining sex drive and her lack of enthusiasm during sex, but there are more subtle ones that are easier to miss. Once you know that she’s not satisfied in bed you can start trying to fix the situation and get things back on track.

1) She has lots of excuses to avoid sex

When your partner isn’t feeling satisfied in bed and has given up on hoping it will get better she’s going to start avoiding sex. You’ll notice that it happens more frequently and that she has lots of different excuses to tell you. She’ll make sure to have a handful memorized so it doesn’t seem obvious what she’s doing because she’s not ready to deal with the situation in another way. She’s hoping that sex will taper off to the point where you stop asking for it so she doesn’t have to tell you that she’s lost her sex drive.

2) She gets angry with you more often

She’ll get angry faster than usual and it won’t always be for an obvious reason. She’ll also criticize you about small things she never cared about before and you will start to walk on eggshells around her. She’s upset that she’s not getting from you what she needs and it hurts her that you don’t realize this.

3) She loses interest during sex

An easy way to figure out if your partner is satisfied or not is to pay attention to how she reacts during sex. If it’s still early in her difficulties then she’ll still look forward to sex because she’s hoping you’re just going through a rough patch and things will get better. Sex will start out great but once she realizes that she’s not getting anything that brings her pleasure, like oral sex or an orgasm, then she’ll lose interest during the act. She’ll be excited but slowly she’ll be less energetic and less focused because she’s waiting for it to be over.

4) She’s lost her enthusiasm

She lost her enthusiasmIf she’s lost her enthusiasm in bed then it’s because her sex drive is suffering. She will still have sex with you because she doesn’t want to admit that something is wrong but she won’t be enthusiastic about it by moaning loudly, being physically active during the act or begging you not to stop. You will feel like she’s just going through the motions and is having sex with you because she wants to make you happy and because you expect it and not because she’s turned on.

5) She’s masturbating more

She’s going to be masturbating more when her sex drive is high but she’s not being satisfied by you. This is her way of trying to fix the problem without having any awkward conversations with you. You can figure out if she’s masturbating more by seeing if she’s having more time alone or if she’s making comments about buying more batteries or taking care of herself. She will also be more lax about discreetly hiding her vibrator because these are hints that she’s giving you. She wants you to know that you’re not pleasuring her and start making more of an effort with foreplay, giving her oral sex and bringing her to orgasm.

6) She’s distant after sex

Women tend to be distant after oral sex if they’re giving it because it’s more of a one-sided act and is about your pleasure but they tend to be more affectionate after intercourse because it’s an intense moment of pleasure for both of you. She is going to be distant after sex when she isn’t satisfied because she no longer feels an emotional closeness to you. She is going to use body language to show how she feels because it’s easy to convey messages and will stop cuddling you after sex and will no longer have pillow talk with you. When you try to be affectionate with her she’s going to pull away because she needs some space from you.

7) She’s more controlling in bed

One way of dealing with not being satisfied during sex or wanting to increase your sex drive is to take control. If your partner starts being more demanding in bed or is the one doing most of the work then it’s because she’s trying to get what she wants. She will tell you where to touch her or what to do and she’s going to put your hands where she wants them. She’s showing you what to do and she is going to keep being more controlling until you take the hint and change what you’re doing during sex.

8) She no longer cares about your pleasure

When she’s not satisfied in bed she’s going to make sure you feel the same way by not doing sexual things she knows you like. She isn’t going to give you oral sex or talk dirty because she wants you to know how it feels to not be satisfied by our partner and understand what she’s going through. She isn’t going to make an effort at taking care of your sex drive and is going to start focusing more on her own needs.

9) She tries to finish sex quickly

She isn’t enjoying sex and wants to get it done as quickly as possible when you’re not making sure she’s satisfied. You are the one who has to always initiate sex and when she agrees to it she’s going to make sure you orgasm as fast as you can. You’re going to notice these sex sessions because she’s only going to do things she knows will make you orgasm quickly and she’s not going to expect you to reciprocate. Sex isn’t going to last as long as it usually does and she’s going to either go to sleep or leave the bedroom as soon as you’re done because she knows there’s nothing there for her.

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