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8 Sure signs an introvert likes you

introver likes youWhen an introvert likes you it can be hard to see the signs because they’re good at hiding how they feel and you need to be more observant around them. If you pay close enough attention to them you’re going to notice small changes in behaviour when they’re around you, such as being less shy and making an effort to get to know you better. This is how they feel comfortable expressing themselves and these little acts can tell you a lot about how they really feel even though they never come out and say that they’re attracted to you. These are sure signs that they like you and are willing to go out of their comfort zone to show you how they feel so when they act this way around you, you should ask them out because that’s what they’re waiting for.

1) They ask a lot of questions about you

An introvert doesn’t like being the center of attention and avoids anything that causes this to happen, like asking questions, especially personal ones, during a conversation. When they start doing this and it’s more than basic information, like how you’re doing or what job you have, and is more personal like what your plans are for the weekend or if you’re going to be spending time with your girlfriend, then she’s making it clear she wants you. The attraction is strong enough to make her ignore her introvert tendencies because she needs to know all about you so she can know for sure that you’re a good match for her.

2) They want to spend time with you

Socializing isn’t an activity that an introvert will often do because it’s stressful for them but they will make an exception for someone they’re interested in. She’s going to find excuses to spend more time with you and will ask if you want to grab some lunch or hang out as friends which can send you mixed signals. She’s not trying to do that, she’s trying to get close to you and is hoping you enjoy being with her so much that you ask her out on a date. She’s too shy to flirt with you and will never be the type of girl to ask a guy out so this is the best approach she can take.

3) They share personal things with you

Sharing personal things isn’t easy for an introvert but they will do this when they’re trying to make a connection with someone. If she’s willing to talk to you about what she cares about, her goals, her dreams or what’s bothering her then it’s for a reason. She wants to feel like you’re getting closer to her and she wants you to see that she’s willing to go out of her comfort zone for you. She’s also trying to make you see her in a new way so that it sparks romantic feelings in you because she wants to date you.

4) They notice when something’s bothering you

Noticing small details is something that an introvert is good at because they spend more time listening and observing others instead of making themselves the center of attention. When something’s bothering you then she’s going to notice it and will ask you what’s wrong or if she can help because she cares about you. It bothers her when you’re upset and wants to be supportive so she’s going to do what she can to be there for you. This may make her stand out from others and make you realize that how you feel is important to her.

5) They’re always texting you

Texting is a favourite way for an introvert to interact with people because it’s less stressful and they can take their time trying to come up with the perfect thing to say. This may be how she tries to make her interest in you obvious and you’re going to notice that she’s texting you a lot more often. Her texts will be on a variety of subjects, from just saying “Hi.” to sharing a joke or asking how your day is going. There’s a million things she wants to say to you and it’s going to be hard for her to control how often she texts you but once you make it clear you like her too then she’s going to calm down.

6) They’re more assertive

assertive people
Being assertive is a personality trait that an introvert lacks because it’s scary to not only take the lead but also to express yourself. She wants to get your attention though when she’s attracted to you and you don’t seem to notice her so she’s going to take matters into her own hand. She’s going to force herself to get out of her comfort zone and be more assertive when she’s around you. She’s going to state her opinions during conversations, casually ask you to add her as a friend on social media or suggest hanging out one night. You may take these as friendly comments but it’s more than that.

7) Their behaviour is inconsistent

An introvert is going to show inconsistent behaviour when they have a crush on someone because they want to express how they feel but it goes against their natural tendencies. This causes a rollercoaster of emotions and it’s going to take time before they can find the right balance of how to behave. They force themselves to stop being shy and talk to you but then their nervousness flares up and they pull away from you. It takes awhile before they feel confident enough to approach you again and you’re going to be confused about why they’re acting this way with you. You can’t mistake this for them not liking you or for them being an irrational person, you need to understand that they’re behaving in a new way and it’s a difficult time for them.

8) You can tell they’re pushing themselves

When you’re around an introvert who likes you then paying attention to their body language will tell you how strong their feelings are for you. Since she’s an introvert she’s going to push herself to be different because she knows you will probably overlook her. When she’s trying to get your attention she’s going to seem more stressed out or nervous, she’s going to be fidgety or awkward and will have times when she’s not sure what to do. These are coping mechanisms that she’s using to deal with

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