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How should I behave when on a nudist beach? 10 Tips to ensure you don’t come off like a Noob

Nude Beach behavioursGoing to a nude beach is a fun way to push your boundaries and get a taste of the nudist lifestyle in a low-pressure environment. Everyone is there to enjoy himself or she and you don’t have to worry about fitting in because people of all backgrounds take part in it. The emphasis isn’t on looking amazing or trying to hook up, the point is to relax and be free among like-minded people. It’s a good way to meet others and see if this is the type of lifestyle for you.

1) Follow the nude beach rules

Once you’ve found a nude beach you want to go to you need to find out what their specific rules are because this can vary from place to place. You don’t want to stand out as a Noob or be asked to leave because you’re doing something wrong so look online to see if they have any information posted. You can also look for posted signs when you get there to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything and you know where the beach boundaries are so you aren’t nude in the wrong area. Knowing what the rules are in advance can put you at ease because you know what to expect and lower the chances of you making a mistake.

2) Don’t be a creepy voyeur

When you’re at a nude beach, especially for the first time, it’s normal to want to check out the other people who are there. You want to compare their body with yours to see if you feel like you fit in and you want to look at some sexy women. People expect this to happen but in an appropriate way, such as a casual glance or two before you move your attention elsewhere. You don’t want to come across as a creepy voyeur who’s only at the nude beach to spy on others so keep your glances brief and don’t try to be discreet by peeking at them over your phone or by pretending to read a book because they know that you’re really looking at them.

3) Push away your fears

The thought of going to a nude beach is going to fill you with fears. You’re going to wonder if you’re attractive enough and if you’re going to look awkward while everyone else is having a good time. Letting your fears and nervousness overwhelm you is going to make you look like a Noob because people can sense these emotions and this will draw more attention to you which is going to make you feel even worse. You have to tell yourself that going to a nude beach isn’t a big deal and take a deep breath to calm down when you start feeling anxiety.

4) Act laid-back and easy going

The way you act tells people a lot about whether you’re a long-time nudist or if it’s your first time so pay attention to your behaviour. A long-term nudist is fine with the lifestyle and is confident about themselves which is how you need to act. Don’t do things like fidget with your phone, play with your hair or avoid people. You should act laid-back and confident like you’ve done this before because if you act like you belong there then you’ll blend in easier.

5) Take care of your personal hygiene

Part of nude beach etiquette is having good personal hygiene so take some time to look after yourself before you go there. To be a nudist you don’t have to have the physique of model but you do need to look presentable. Before you go you need to take time to shower, shave and comb your hair because people will notice when you make an effort with your appearance and they appreciate it when people do this.

6) Remember it’s not all about sex

Thinking it’s all about sex is a big mistake and everyone is going to know you’re a Noob is that’s how you act. People go to these beaches to have fun and spend time with people who are like them so don’t spend all of your time flirting with women and trying to hook up. See it as a chance to try something new and talk to people of both genders so you can make friends that you can see later on.

7) Respect the nudist lifestyle

nudist lifestyleThe nudist lifestyle is a serious one and you need to show respect to people who are active in this scene. When you’re at a nude beach and are talking to people don’t try to lighten the mood by making jokes about being there or about people who do this as a regular part of their life. It shows them that you’re rude and childish and that’s not the impression you want to make. If you want to joke around then only make one and make it about you being at a nude beach for the first time.

8) Keep your phone in your bag

People at a nude beach are used to strangers showing up and acting inappropriately, by being a voyeur or by thinking it’s about public sex. This is why it’s best if you keep your phone in your bag instead of texting a friend or taking a selfie because they may think you’re taking pictures of them. You want to show them that you’re there to relax and have a good time because this makes you more approachable.

9) Bring essentials for comfort

Going to the beach can be uncomfortable and it’s worse if you’re a nudist because you’re more exposed to the elements. You want to be prepared and bring essentials for comfort so you can spend quality time there. It’s good to bring a towel to sit on, sunscreen so you don’t get a sunburn, sunglasses so you don’t have to squint when talking to someone and a bottle of water and snack so you have what you need.

10) Go somewhere private to hook up

Hooking up at a nude beach does happen sometimes and if it happens to you then you need to know how to deal with it in the right way. No one wants to see you making out in public so keep things flirty at the beach then go someplace more private to take things further. Don’t let the nudity cause you to get caught up in the moment because people will remember you behaving inappropriately and you’ll be asked to leave.

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