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10 Ways marijuana may increase your sex drive

Sex Drive Marijuana When your sex drive is lagging there are a few different things you can try to increase it. There’s well-known solutions like taking medication, changing your diet to a healthier one, starting an exercise regime, cutting down on alcohol and smoking and sex therapy. There’s also marijuana, a natural remedy that you might not know much about but your libido can get a boost from marijuana and it can also improve your orgasms if you’re careful not too smoke too much of it.

1) You can last longer

You can last longer in bed if you smoke a small to moderate amount of marijuana before sex because of the affect it has on your sense of time and how you perceive things. Your sense of time tends to slow down when you’re smoking marijuana because of the way it affects your brain and this can make sex feel longer than it actually is. Since it’s a slower experience you’ll feel like it hasn’t lasted long enough and you’ll want to keep going. This helps your sex drive because it takes longer for the anticipation to build which makes your libido last longer.

2) Your sex drive is increased

Endorphins are released when you smoke marijuana because it affects the part of your brain that controls euphoria. This makes sex after using marijuana feel amazing and you’ll remember how great it was. Your sex drive can also be increased by marijuana because it’s a different experience from regular sex and you’ll want to feel it that way again. Every time you have regular sex you’ll notice the differences and you’ll start to crave using marijuana before sex so you can relive how good it felt. Your excitement for sex will be back and this is going to make your libido stronger than it usually is.

3) You’re more likely to think about sex

Marijuana will make you more likely to think about sex because you won’t be able to stop thinking about how good it is with marijuana and because it makes you more relaxed which makes it easier for you to become aroused. Your body and mind will crave it so you can’t escape it and it will become a normal part of life. Thinking about sex frequently, especially about the stronger orgasm you can have, will increase your sex drive and this desire won’t stop until you’ve satisfied your cravings.

4) You’ll get a rush out of being bad

Some people see marijuana as a bad thing and this gives it an aura of being taboo, especially if you live in an area where it’s illegal. When you’re using marijuana you’re going to feel naughty about doing something others might disapprove of and you’ll get a rush out of pushing boundaries. This gives you a thrill and the increase of excitement will impact your sex drive, making it temporarily stronger. Regular sex won’t give you this rush so you’ll use marijuana to get into the right state of mind and make yourself more prepared for sex.

5) You’ll associate marijuana with sex

Libido Once you’ve had sex after using marijuana you’ll start to associate marijuana with having a stronger libido and you’ll think about sex often when you get high. It’ll become a type of partnership and you won’t want to have one without the other so the more you use marijuana the more your libido will increase.

6) You’ll get aroused easier

Your sex drive will increase when you find it easier to get aroused because your body is naturally responding to what it wants. Things like stress and anxiety will dampen your libido but marijuana is known for helping people feel more relaxed. Being more relaxed will make you want to have fun and if you’re with your partner it’ll be easy to turn a kiss or a touch into something more. This will also help you have an orgasm because your senses are heightened more than usual.

7) You’ll want to push boundaries

Marijuana can help lower your inhibitions and this will make you more likely to push boundaries during sex. You’ll think about and try things you’ve only fantasized about and your sex drive will increase because you’re having new experiences. Sex will become fun again and you’ll want to live out more of your fantasies so you’ll start spending more time in the bedroom. You’ll also open up your mind to new ideas because when you’re high it’s more common to have random thoughts and you could think of a sexual kink that you’ve never considered before.

8) Your orgasm will be stronger

Stronger orgasms  Your orgasm will be stronger than it usually is if you have sex soon after using marijuana because it affects your physical senses and mental ones. You’ll feel sensations more strongly which will make your orgasm more powerful and unlike one you’ve had before. Your mental senses will also affect your orgasm by making it seem like it lasted longer than normal. Since your orgasm was stronger you’ll want to experience it again and your sex drive will increase because you’ll want to have sex.

9) Sensations are heightened

Your sensations are heightened after you’ve used marijuana and this will make sex an interesting experience for you. You’re going to be more relaxed than usual and this will make your body react more to stimulation. Touches will feel more electric and kisses will feel more sensual as your partner touches you and these feelings will build to a climax resulting in a powerful orgasm. Having such amazing sex will give your sex drive a boost and you’ll be dying to have sex like that again.

10) Sex seems like an unreal experience

Marijuana makes sex seem like an unreal experience and your sex drive will increase as you think about what you’ve experienced. You’ll remember the way the touches felt, the way time slowed down, how good you felt and how strong your orgasm was. You’ll be surprised at what your body can do and you won’t be as satisfied with regular sex anymore because you know how great it can be.

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