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10 Sexual fantasies for this Halloween- with role-play

Sexual Fantasies for this HallowenHalloween is a great time to explore your sexual fantasies and play kinky sex games with your partner because the night’s all about fun. There’s lots of different costumes and accessories available to buy during this holiday to enhance the role-play and make it as realistic as possible so be open-minded and get your creativity flowing in the bedroom.

1) Vampire and Bachelor

Vampires are mysterious and sexy so if your sexual fantasies involve a beautiful woman who wants to seduce you and make you her lover for all of eternity then role-play the Vampire and Bachelor. She can wear dramatic makeup to make her skin look paler and wear a kinky costume, like a corset and mini skirt. You’re the lonely bachelor that she seduces into letting her into the bedroom and spends all night licking and sucking on you until she finally claims you.

2) Nurse and Patient

Nurse and PatientSexual fantasies often involves a woman taking care of a helpless manwho’s at her mercy and nurse costumes are everywhere at Halloween. There are different sex games you can do with this scenario; she can be a sexy nurse who wants to make you feel better and do whatever you want to heal you or she can be a naughty nurse who uses sex toys to torture you for her pleasure.

3) Maid and Homeowner

There are some sexual fantasies that are classics and the maid is one of them. She can wear a tiny maid uniform and sensually clean the living room while you’re the homeowner who watches her bend over to pick things up or reach up high to a shelf as her skirt rises. After a few minutes you can go to her and take her to the sofa for sex, bending her over the arm of it to take her from behind. To make it even more kinky you can have her wear just the maid apron instead of the whole costume.

4) Vlad and Lonely Wanderer

In real life Vlad was not known for being a nice guy and if your sexual fantasies involve you being dominant than role-playing as Vlad might give you the control you crave. She can be the lonely wanderer you come across and force into your bedroom where you tie her up and make her beg for freedom. It’s all about what you want and you ignore her as you spank and whip her until you’re ready to fuck her. This is all about rough sex games and she needs to be okay with being completely submissive so be safe, discuss boundaries and use a safe word.

5) Devil and Angel

Naughty and nice are common themes in sexual fantasies and the devil and angel are common icons at Halloween so combine the two as a role-play. One of you can be the kinky devil who corrupts the innocent angel by making them do naughty things while they realize how much they actually enjoy them. If she’s the angle she can wear a white teddy and if she’s the devil she can be more kinky and wear red lingerie with crotch-less panties and heels.

6) Superhero and Damsel in Distress

Men often have sexual fantasies where they’re the hero because it makes them feel desirable and strong so it’s natural to role-play as a superhero who rescues the damsel in distress. You can start out with her tied up in bed and struggling to get free while crying out for help. You can rescue her by calming her down and untying the rope, scarves or handcuffs that she’s been tied up with. She’s so grateful to you that she throws herself at you and says she’ll do whatever you want as a way of thanking you.

7) Firefighter and Victim

Firefighters are sexy and they feature in women’s sexual fantasies often because they want a strong, confident man who looks good and who can protect her. You can buy a firefighter uniform and put it on when she’s not expecting it then surprise her by coming up behind her, scooping her up in your arms and taking her to the bedroom. Keep the uniform on as you start foreplay, kissing and touching her then slowly remove it until you’re naked and she’s desperate for you to put out her fire of desire.

8) Cop and Criminal

She can be the criminal who has to blow you so she doesn’t get a speeding ticket or you can be the criminal that she takes advantage of because no one would suspect a woman of abusing a dirty criminal. It’s an encompassing sex game because you can physically use handcuffs and a baton as sex toys, there’s a mental element of dominance and the kinky uniforms are visually appealing.

9) Kidnapper and Hitchhiker

Sex games can’t always be done outside but you can role-play being a kidnapper who takes a hitchhiker if you find a secluded spot. Check out the area beforehand because you don’t want to be caught doing this and do it at night so it’s more exciting and there’s less people around. She’s the hitchhiker walking down a road, or in a parking lot if it’s more convenient, and you pick her up. Drive to another secluded area or stay where you are then park the car and lock the doors so she can’t escape and force her into having car sex with you. If you want more privacy you can take her home after you kidnap her and have sex there instead.

10) Ghost and Sleeping Woman

Sexual fantasies rarely include ghosts but it can be done and in a very kinky way if you’re creative enough. Ghosts are invisible which is impossible to achieve but you can make sure she doesn’t see you by blindfolding her. This is a role-play based on sensory deprivation so wait until she’s sleeping then sneak over to her so you don’t wake her up. Blindfold her, restrain her and gag her so she loses most of her senses and feels helpless. Touch and tease her to arouse her and keep her on edge because she doesn’t know what you’re going to do. Pleasure her then leave her as she is until she falls asleep again then undo the blindfold, restraints and gag.

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