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how to talk dirty to your partner and sound really sexy

Talk DirtyIf you want to try spicing up your sex life with you partner but don’t want to do anything too crazy like dirty sex then you could try something else. A good way to kick things up a notch while in bed is to talk dirty to your partner. It will be a change from how you normally treat them and it could give them a rush hearing you say things like that.

Talking dirty might feel weird if it’s something you haven’t done before and you’ll sound awkward if you do it without thinking about it first. You want it to sound natural so it keeps both of you in the moment so take some time to practice. You could practice in the shower or while you’re getting ready for your date. You’ll be alone so you won’t have to worry about sounding silly. Choose a few phrases that you think they’d like and repeat them until you feel comfortable saying them. Don’t go for anything too sexual or crude until you know if they’re into being talked to like that. A few phrases you could start with are “I’ve been wanting to fuck you all day.” or “You make me so fucking hard.” They’re dirty but aren’t too out there so you can see how they react to it.

The tone of voice you use when you talk dirty is more important than the words you say because it conveys a feeling which is more powerful. “You’re mine tonight.” sounds a lot sexier when it’s said in a whisper instead of in a normal voice. It adds a hint of naughtiness and gives the impression that it’s a secret between the two of you. You can add touch while you talk dirty to increase the feeling of sexiness so think about what you’re doing to your partner. Light touches work best during dirty talk because it leaves them wanting more and lets them focus on what you’re saying. If you’re too rough then your actions will get their attention and the dirty talk won’t be as sexy. When you’re whispering something sexy then hold the side of their face while saying it in their ear or gently pin their arms to the bed as you lean over them and tell them how bad you’ve been wanting to fuck them. If you’re in a position that eye contact is possible then do it. Eye contact shows the other person you’re serious and makes the moment seem more real. If you say something in the right tone while keeping eye contact then there’s a very good chance it’ll send a rush of excitement through them.

Once they start getting into it keep the momentum going, if they get dirtier than you do so as well. If they seem to like being called a certain name then use it a few times to show that you know what they like. Try and keep to their pace because that’s their way of showing you what they’re comfortable with and that they’re trying to get into it just like you are.

If you’re in the mood for dirty sex than start things off by talking dirty. Turn each other on by saying things that you wouldn’t normally say and make things feels new and exciting. Tell your partner how hard they’re making you or tell them how bad you want to fuck them.
Once you get into talking dirty then it’ll become easier and more natural while adding a new element to your sex life.

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