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Dating tips for men over 40: How attract and date younger women

Join Australian dating sites and Date young girls Most men over 40 would love to date young girls but they’re not sure how to do this without getting rejected. It doesn’t matter if you use Australian dating sites such as Victoria Milan, RedHotpie, Adultfriendfinder or go to social places like bars because the important thing is the first impression you make. You need to grab her attention and make her want to be with you otherwise she’s going to be hooking up with someone else.

You need to embrace your age because older men can be sexy and you’re going to look desperate if you dress or act like you’re younger than what you are. Age means you’ve lived long enough to know how to act sophisticated and how important first impressions are so make sure you have the right look. Trousers and button down shirts look more mature than jeans and a t-shirt. Don’t try to sound cool by talking about the latest songs and instead focus on getting to know her interests better by asking her questions like what movies has she seen recently or what her hobbies are. Tailor the conversation around that so she feels like you’re interested in her as a person.

Older men are known as Silver Foxes and there are lots of young girls out there who are attracted to them so let them come to you. Join adult dating sites and write a thoughtful description that makes you sound mature and responsible instead of like a desperate old man. Don’t say you only want a girl that’s half your age and instead say that you can appreciate women of all ages or that you love sweet, innocent women. The meaning will be clear but you won’t sound inappropriate. The ones who are interested in you will get in touch and all you have to do is reply to their message.

When you meet someone you’re interested in then it’s time to approach them and make your move. Be confident but not pushy because you don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. Don’t act nervous by stumbling over your words or not directly asking her out and instead asking if she wants to hang out later. Make eye contact, smile and give her arm little touches as you flirt with her to make it clear that you want her.

Young girls expect older men to act different than guys who are the same age as them. They expect them to be classier so when you’re asking her out suggest going somewhere slightly different than what she’s used to. Instead of taking her to a club or bar you could try a wine tasting or a nice restaurant. Somewhere quiet and intimate like that will make her feel more special and will also give her a chance to get to know you better which could lead to a second date.

The key to attracting and dating young girls is to not make a big deal about the age difference and to make a good impression. Dress like you care about your appearance and act with confidence because you’ll come across like a strong, sexy man. Meet them by joining adult dating sites or go out and approach women who grab your eye. Make it obvious that you’re interested in them and offer to take them somewhere nice for a first date to make it hard for her to resist you.

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