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9 Ways to create your perfect photo gallery for your online dating profile

The perfect photo gallery to get a blind date A blind date can be nerve wracking because you don’t know anything about each other but you can make things easier by using online dating sites. Your profile gives people an idea of what you’re like and there are tons of women looking for men who will be interested in messaging you if you have a photo gallery that grabs their attention.

1) Use candid photos

It’s better to use candid photos instead of ones where you’re carefully posed because it gives the wrong impression. If photos look too serious or professional then people are going to think it’s a fake profile and they won’t message you. Candid photos make you look laidback and approachable which is a trait that aussie women looking for men want in a partner. Don’t worry about not looking sexy enough because showing the real you is more important and you’ll be easier for people to relate to which will make you be the person they want to meet for a blind date.

2) Have an eye-catching profile photo

You want an eye-catching photo as your main profile photo because this will grab their interest and make them want to check out the rest of your photo gallery. This picture should focus on your face and shouldn’t show much of your body because you want their first impression of you to be a positive one. You should be smiling and looking relaxed instead of looking posed because you want to look natural and stand out from all of the guys who pose naked or who are trying to hard to look sexy. Remember to avoid wearing a hat or sunglasses and make sure the lighting is good so they can clearly see you.

3) Show a variety of settings

Upload photos that are taken in a variety of settings so you seem like an outgoing person. Upload pictures of you outdoors at places like your favourite park, local attraction or you participating in your favourite hobby or sport. You should also include one or two pictures of you at home relaxing so they can get an idea of your home life otherwise they might wonder if you’re hiding something like a messy home or a family.

4) Be selective about group photos

You shouldn’t have too many group photos because the focus should be on you since you’re the one people want to check out. One or two group pictures is okay because it makes you seem sociable but blur out your friends faces so people know which one is you. Try to avoid pictures of you with female friends because they might get mistaken for being your girlfriend, wife or ex and that will make people think there might be drama so they won’t get in touch with you. If you have children or pets then mention it briefly in your profile but don’t show them in your photo gallery because you don’t want to taint their idea of you. Your photos should mostly reflect you so that users can objectively decide if you’re right for them.

Avoid Nudity

5) Avoid nudity

Dating sites like AdultFriendFinder are full of naked pictures and it’s so common that most people scroll past these profiles. You will also seem more approachable if you’re clothed because you won’t look like one of those guys who are only interested in sex. You can make yourself attractive and appealing by wearing nice clothes like a dress shirt and trousers because aussie women looking for men want someone who cares about their appearance. You’ll look mature and confident instead of lonely and desperate which will make you stand out from everyone else and make you be the guy that everyone’s interested in.

6) Create the right look

You need to create the right look for your profile otherwise you’ll be sending the wrong message and attracting the wrong kind of people. You want to match your photos to the type of person you want to meet. If you want to meet someone who’s into outdoor activities then have most of your photos showing you outside and maybe doing a sport. If you want a confident, career type of woman than have photos of you looking well-dressed and confident and if you want a woman who’s a pet lover than use photos of you with your pet. People message users that they feel an interest in and that means making a connection with your photo gallery.

Your favourite hobbies

7) Show off your personality

You can use your photo gallery to show your personality so people can get a feel for who you are. If you upload a ton of photos that are just head shots that are taken at different places then it doesn’t give them too much information and you’ll seem boring. Instead you need to use your photos as a way of showing them who you are and what dating you would be like. Upload photos that have you wearing your favourite outfits, visiting your favourite places and doing your favourite hobbies. Showing them what your life is like will help them imagine what dating you would be like and they’ll want to know more about you.

8) Use face shots and full body shots

Make sure you have a mix of face shots and full body shots because if you don’t then people will wonder if you’re not exactly like your profile says you are. If you only post head shots then they’ll think that you’re trying to hide the fact that you’re a bit overweight or that you’re embarrassed of how you look. Some people prefer certain body types like lean or muscular so showing your full body will help them decide if you’re the kind of person they’re usually attracted to. If you work out regularly then you can do a partial nude photo where you’re topless so you can show off without being too crass with a full nude shot because women see enough naked photos and want a guy who has a bit of mystery to them.

Showing possessions

9) Don’t show off possessions

Don’t use your photo gallery to show off your possessions as a way to let people know that you’re successful because this isn’t a good way to attract someone. The only people that care about the expensive car or watch you own are gold diggers and you don’t want to date someone like that. Everyone else will see you as being arrogant and won’t message you because they’ll think you’re too arrogant and they’ll want someone they can relate to. Make your photo gallery about who you are as a person so you seem like a good person to date.

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