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9 Body language signs your partner is lying to you

Lying to You
No one wants to be with someone who is dishonest and a master of lying because it’s disrespectful and isn’t true love. If you sense something has changed in your relationship or that you partner is lying to you or there’s infidelity going on you can look at how they’re now spending their time and whom they hang out with. There are more subtle ways for you to check out what’s going on with them, like body language which can tell you a lot without your partner know it.

1) They avoid eye contact

Avoiding eye contact
A lack of eye contact doesn’t always mean your partner is lying because some people feel uncomfortable with it but if you notice they’re avoiding it more often then there must be a reason for it. One of those reasons could be them lying to you and eye contact is something they’ll avoid because they’re afraid you’ll see how guilty they look and ask them what’s wrong. Instead of making eye contact they’ll do things like look over your shoulder or look in you direction while avoiding making a connection with you. If you try to make eye contact with them they’ll get agitated and use other body language cues like fidgeting or blushing.

2) They lean away from you

Leaning away from you can be a sign of infidelity because it shows that they don’t want to be near you and would rather be with someone else. They’re distancing themselves from you physically but also mentally and being close to you reminds them that they don’t feel the way they used to about you. They’re hoping you get used to them not being near you and that you’ll take the hint and start moving away from you. Leaning their body away from your is their way of making it clear they want to get away from you and even the smallest distance matters to them.

3) They’re focused on something else

By pretending to be focused on something else they have an excuse to not talk to you and act this way because they want you to think they’re busy and that you’ll leave them alone. You can tell when they’re faking interest in something by watching them and seeing what happens. If they’re faking you’ll find it’s hard to figure out what has their attention and when you ask them about it they won’t be able to tell you what it is so they’ll say it’s nothing important. Look in the same direction as them and make a remark that brings attention to the fact that you know there’s nothing there and they’ll act nervous or laugh it off if you’ve caught them lying to you.

4) They fidget with their hair or clothes

Fidgeting is a nervous habit that many people have and if your partner is being dishonest with you they’ll be fidgeting a lot. Guilt and fear of you finding out about them lying to you is preying on their mind and making them feel anxious so they need to release the pent up agitation. They do this by fidgeting with their hair or clothes, pulling on their sleeves or hems when they talk to you because they’re trying to push away their stress while trying to act normal.

5) They nibble their lips

Nibbling or licking your lips is a nervous habit that people do without realizing it because it’s a small gesture. If you notice your partner doing this when you’re talking to them then they’re feeling nervous and are worried about saying the wrong thing. They’re trying to stay calm but the more you talk the worse it gets for them and they start biting their lip. They may also bite hard on their lip because the pain could help them stay focused. Be careful about how much you watch their mouth though because they’ll notice you’re not making eye contact with them and wonder why you’re looking at their mouth so much.

6) They quickly look away

Looking away
If they quickly look away in the middle of a conversation then it might be because you said something that hit too close to what they’re hiding from you. When they do this you need to think about what you were talking about because if you were joking about cheating or teasing them about having a crush and they panicked and looked away quickly there might be infidelity going on. They need a moment to get hold of their emotions and come up with a way to change the subject.

7) They cross their arms in front of them

When someone is lying they tend to act defensive and will use body language to try and protect themselves. They do this by putting a physical barrier between you and them and do things like crossing their arms in front of themselves. Watch your partner when they’re around you and pay attention to how they stand. If they cross their arms or close themselves off from you then it’s a big sign they don’t feel right around you and don’t want you near them.

8) Their breathing speeds up

Being dishonest can have physical side affects because it causes stress and anxiety which your partner will be flooded with when they’re with you. They know they’re lying to you and it takes a toll on them mentally and physically. One side affect that lying has is breathing faster because the anxiety is making them go into panic mode. They’ll have trouble controlling their breathing pace and you’ll notice when they talk they sound slightly out of breath. You’ll wonder what’s wrong but won’t know what it is unless they get the courage to finally tell you the truth.

9) They don’t show affection

Not Showing Affection
A change in the amount of affection they show you can be a sign of infidelity because they’re losing their attraction to you. They’re thinking of their new love and when they’re affectionate with you it reminds them that they’re no longer in a happy relationship. They’ll cut down on the affectionate gestures they show you because it doesn’t feel genuine anymore. You’ll notice they smile at you less, won’t snuggle up to you, hook their arm around yours while walking side by side and resting their head on your shoulder.

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