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Overly attached girlfriend? 8 Subtle ways to get your space back

Guy Being overly attached
Being overly attached usually has two causes: the person is naturally that way and need to learn healthier habits or they’re worrying about something and are clingy as a way of seeking comfort and security. This can put a strain on an otherwise healthy relationship because it makes you feel smothered and you’re going to miss being single which leads to fighting and possibly cheating. You can avoid this from happening by learning how to subtly get your personal space back from your overly attached girlfriend.

1) Ask her if everything’s okay

Your girlfriend may be going through a phase of overly attached behaviour because something is wrong but she doesn’t know how to bring the subject up. You can help the situation by casually asking if everything is okay because you’ve noticed she seems upset lately. This makes it seem like you’re caring about her well-being but what you’re really doing is helping her work through the issue faster than if she tried to do it by herself. She’s going to appreciate your concern and is going to be in a better mental state so she isn’t going to be clinging to you as much. Being more supportive is also going to improve things between the two of you and help you stay in a healthy relationship.

2) Figure out what’s worrying her

If she complains about work or being stressed then she may be acting overly attached as a way of calming down because she loves and trusts you. You can give her this comfort while still getting your space back by spending a couple of minutes asking how her day went or listening to her vent. If she has insecurity about you cheating you can tell her you love her more often or have a regular date night. You can make small changes that make her feel more secure which makes her need to rely on you less.

3) Spend more time with he

She may not realize she’s acting overly attached and you’re going to cause problems if you honestly tell her that she needs to back off. You can try flipping things around and show her what it’s like to be in a relationship with someone who’s clingy by spending more time than usual with her. She’s going to enjoy this at first but it’s going to quickly get annoying and she’s going to be the one who brings up spending more time apart. This subtly forces her to be the one who makes the first move and you can act like it was all her idea.

4) Hang out with friends

You can get some space from your overly attached girlfriend by making plans to hang out with your friends and being excited about it. Telling her your plans ahead of time stops her from making plans with you because she knows you’re busy and she’s not going to try and get you to cancel your plans if she knows it’s something you’re looking forward to. This isn’t going to cause insecurity in her because she understands that your friends are important to you and it’s going to be easier for you to deal with her overly attached behaviour if you have something to look forward to.

5) Send her on a girl’s day out

she goes on a girl's day out
If your girlfriend’s gotten used to being overly attached to you she may not realize how much she enjoys spending time away from you and you can help remind her of that. You can mention that one of your friends told you about this great spa his girlfriend went to and you thought she may enjoy going there as well. Suggest she goes on a girl’s day out and treat her to a gift certificate there so that she’s obligated to go and you can have the day to yourself. Both of you will have fun and will want to have more days like this so it may become a regular activity that helps you have a more healthy relationship.

6) Practice good communication

The cause of your girlfriend feeling insecurity may be due to your poor communication skills because you’re accidentally making her feel unloved or unimportant. She’s being overly attached because she’s trying to be close to you and fix the relationship even though noting is really wrong. You can ease her worries by practicing good communication skills and do things like attentively listening when she talks, remembering what important events are coming up and sharing your thoughts and feelings with her. This takes only a small effort but it helps a lot with how she feels about her relationship with you and these communication skills are ones you can use in all areas of your life.

7) Suggest some hobbies she can try

You can gently make your overly attached girlfriend spend less time with you by casually suggesting she gets a new hobby or get back into one that she’s gotten out of practice with. You can do this subtly by telling her that you overheard your co-worker talking about her yoga class or running club and that she may want to try it because you know she wants to get back in shape. You can also mention how it’s been awhile since she’s done a hobby she was passionate about and you think it might make her happy to take it up again. Your girlfriend is going to think about this and is going to be distracted and excited by trying something new so she won’t have time to bother you.

8) Be more attentive towards her

Being more attentive to your girlfriend can ease her insecurity and adjust how she feels about spending time with you. You can satisfy her craving of being with you by spending more quality time with her because it’s going to be easier for you to spend a couple of hours giving her your full attention then it is dealing with her being clingy all day and night. Have a regular date night or make dinner for her when she comes home from work because this shows you still love her and she won’t need to reassure herself by trying to always be with you.

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