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8 Things smart men never say when a woman is naked

Naked WomanWhen you’re with a naked woman there are some things you should never say because it will ruin the mood and she’s not going to be happy with you. She doesn’t want to be embarrassed about how she has her pubic hair or trying new sex positions, worrying about how attractive she is because this will lead to her ending things for the night. This isn’t how you want things to go so to avoid this happening to you, you need to know what smart men never say to a naked woman so you can have a good time with her.

1) “Mmm, you’re so thick women.”

It’s popular now to call a heavier woman ‘curvy’ or ‘thick’ as a way to compliment them but not all women see it as a compliment. They may be self-conscious about their weight and don’t want you bringing it up, some people think it’s a faux-polite way of saying ‘fat’ or they find it disrespectful to be loved for something superficial like their appearance. When a smart man is with a naked woman he compliments her in a way that isn’t too specific by telling her how beautiful she looks or that he thinks she’s sexy. He never brings up her weight or anything else that she might be self-conscious about.

2) “Maybe next time you could shave.”

Dealing with pubic hair is a personal thing and some women maintain theirs in a way that appeals to them while other women maintain it in a way that they think is sexy or is what men want. Men have their own preferences for how they want their partner’s pubic hair to look but a smart man keeps his opinion to himself when they’re about to have sex with a naked woman. If you want your partner to shave you shouldn’t tell her outright but later on you can hint to her about her pubic hair by saying that you think smooth is sexy while lightly touching her. This is going to be a subtle way to get her thinking about it and this gentle approach will make her more likely to do it.

3) “I wish my ex looked like you.”

It’s never a good time to bring up your ex and things are going to end quickly in the bedroom if you mention them to your partner. She may be sexier than your ex and you want to let her know that you love her more than your ex but telling her this during an intimate moment is not the way to do it. When a naked woman is in front of you, you need to keep compliments specific to her so you can make her feel sexy. You can do this by saying you got lucky when you met a woman like her or that you can’t take your eyes off her.

4) “You have no idea how hard I am.”

Drawing attention to how hard you are isn’t something you should do when you’re with a naked woman because she knows you’re turned on. Doing this makes her think that you only care about your sexual needs and that it’s all about you. If you want to let her know how she makes you feel you can say it in a way that makes it about the two of you so she feels included. A naked woman wants to hear that she’s driving you crazy and turning you on so tell her that’s what she’s doing so she’ll keep being enthusiastic during sex.

5) “I won’t last long with you.”

Saying this tells her that you’re only interested in getting laid and that isn’t the impression you want to make. She’s looking forward to having sex with you and doesn’t want to be thinking about how boring it is going to be for her because you can’t control yourself. The right thing to say would be that you can’t wait to spend the night with her so she’s thinking about having a special moment with you.

6) “What are you doing?”

Undressing womanWhen a naked woman is trying new sexual positions she’s going to be nervous and hoping she’s making all the right moves. If she isn’t or you’re not sure what she wants then you may ask her what she’s doing. This is going to make the situation even more awkward and she is going to be less enthusiastic in the future about trying new sex positions. You need to say the right thing in this situation and show her that you’re having as much fun as she is. Tell her it feels good then gently guide her into doing something that works better for both of you so she doesn’t know that the sex positions she’s trying isn’t enjoyable.

7) “Keep your lingerie on.”

Lingerie can be very sexy and some men are so turned on by it that they want their partner to keep it on longer during foreplay or for the entire sex session. If this is the kind of fetish you have or if you want to see your partner in it because you love the sight of them then you’re going to ask them to keep it on. She’s probably going to go along with it to keep you happy but it can hurt her feelings if she doesn’t know why you want her to do this. She may think it’s because you don’t like the way her body looks so you need to make it clear this isn’t the case. Tell her that she’s never been sexier and that you don’t want it to end so she knows it’s about her and not the lingerie.

8) “You look way better than I thought.”

When you’re with a naked woman and you want to compliment her so she’s excited about having sex with you you might think it’s a good idea to tell her that she looks great. This is a good thing to say but it depends on how you phrase it and you should never tell her that she looks better than you were expecting. She’s going to wonder what you thought she looked like as a naked woman and her confidence levels are going to go down. You need to keep things simple and just tell her that you think she looks amazing then take her into your arms so you don’t have a chance to say anything else.

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