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8 Ways to flirt with Aussie women without it seeming like you’re flirting

Flirting with an Aussie Girl
Some Aussie women don’t like it when guys flirt because they come across as desperate or pushy and that’s a turn off for them. You need to do fast flirting that doesn’t come across as flirting if you want to be successful because that will make her think you’re interested in her but too much of a gentleman to make the first move. You can do this technique with online dating and with women you meet in person.

1) Use positive body language

Positive body language
Using positive body language has a big impact because it shows how you feel without you making it obvious by saying something. This works best when you meet women in person but you can also do it with online dating if you use camming. Positive body language like making eye contact, smiling and leaning forward to show you’re interested in what they’re saying can be a way to flirt because the attention makes the other person feel good when they’re around you. This is how you start to make a connection with them and they’ll see you as someone who is attentive.

2) Copy their traits

People tend to be attracted to people who they feel a connection with because it makes them feel comfortable due to a sense of familiarity. Copying their traits is a way to do this because they’ll subconsciously recognize their habits in you and you’ll seem like someone they can relate to. You can use this during fast flirting because it will only take you a minute to pick up their cues, like mannerisms or speech patterns. Once you’ve made a mental note of a couple of traits you can start doing them yourself but be subtle about it so they don’t realize you’re doing it otherwise they may think you’re making fun of them.

3) Be friendly and happy around her

A way to flirt without making it seem like you’re flirting is by having a good attitude when you’re around her. Women notice men who are friendly, happy and outgoing because those personality types are what they’re drawn to. You can make them think they’re the reason for your happiness by telling them how much they make you laugh or how interesting the conversations you have with them are. This makes them feel special and will be a similar rush that they get from flirting so they’ll know you’re attracted to them. They’ll also appreciate the fact that you like them but aren’t being too pushy by flirting in an obvious way.

4) Give her a reason to talk to you

Start a Conversation
If you don’t want to come across as a flirt then play hard to get and have her make the first move by giving her a reason to talk to you. If you’re using online dating like AdultFriendfinder you can make your profile interesting by including fun photos or mentioning unusual hobbies that will make her want to know more about you and after she gets in touch act flattered that she made an effort. You’ll be complimenting her and give you a reason to talk to her which puts all your focus on her. If you’re meeting in person then say something that will get her attention, pretend it’s not important then wait for her to ask you about it. This way you’ll make the first move without her realizing it and she’ll be the one to keep things going.

5) Don’t ask for her number

Another way to do fast flirting is by making a good first impression that makes her want you then casually moving on which will make her chase after you. The key to this is to not give her your number which is what most guys do when they’re flirting with a woman and instead be willing to walk away. This won’t seem like flirting because you’re not asking her out and she’ll think it was just a happy coincidence that she met you which will lead to her asking you for you contact information. This makes it seem like she’s the pursuer and not you.

6) Hint that you won’t see them again

Once you’ve made a connection with a woman you’re interested in you can subtly flirt by hinting that you probably won’t see her again and you wish it was different. You can do this in person by saying “I haven’t been to this bar before; it’s not really my style though. I think I’ll stick to my usual place but it was great meeting you. Hopefully I’ll see you around sometime.” or if you’ve met through online dating you can say “Don’t think I’ll use this site much, you’re the only one here that I really like.” This shows that you’ve noticed her but that you’re not sure if you should ask her out so you’re playing it safe and leaving it to fate if you’ll meet again.

7) Keep the conversation personal but not sexual

When men flirt they tend to be overtly sexual and women know exactly what they want so if you want to make it seem like you’re not one of those guys then you need to keep the conversation clean and personal. Don’t ask her things like if she’s single or if she’s got plans for the weekend and don’t give her sexual compliments like telling her how sexy she looks. Instead talk to her about how her night’s going, if she had a good day at work or if she has any pets. These topics are personal but not sexual and it’ll feel like a normal conversation.

8) Show an interest in what they like

Showing interest
A good way to make her feel special is by showing an interest in what she likes because this lets her know you’re willing to take the time to get to know the real her. Show a genuine interest and don’t throw a bunch of questions at her because that will seem like you’re just wasting time. You need to get the conversation going and stick to one or two topics so it feels like you actually care about what she has to say. You should talk about things that are important to her, like her friends or job, and ask thoughtful questions that show you’re paying attention.

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