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7 Secret fetishes women enjoy that men are clueless about

women's fetishesEveryone has fetishes but women tend to be less vocal about theirs because they’re taught that it’s not ladylike to express their sexual desires. This makes it harder for you to understand what your girlfriend really wants and you only see things from your point of view. Knowing what fetishes she secretly wants to explore with you can help you keep the spark alive between you so take the time to learn what makes her tick because it’s going to make a big difference when you start using these during sex.

1) Submission

Fetishes are when you’re fixated on an act or object that brings you intense sexual pleasure because they’re seen as taboo or exciting and they aren’t something you can indulge in during everyday activities. BDSM is something that both genders enjoy but women usually want sensuality with it whereas men usually like it rougher and humiliating. Some women enjoy being submissive because they like the feeling of giving up control while knowing that they’re safe and with someone they love. She likes having you be strong and knowing what you want from her while also being gentle enough to not really hurt her. Softer BDSM activities like bondage, using blindfolds and light spanking are things she wants to try with you instead of jumping right to more humiliation based activities like pet play. It’s a way of showing how much she trusts you while also exploring an unspeakable side of her sexuality.

2) Domination

Domination is another part of BDSM that both genders enjoy but for women it’s because they like the role-reversal and seeing their man be submissive, which is usually a new experience for them. She wants to see how far you’re willing to obey her and watching you do your best to please her is one way of showing how much you love her. This gives her a power rush and is going to excite her in a way she hasn’t felt before which is way it’s one of the more common but secret fetishes of women.

3) A threesome with two men

Common fetishes for men are threesomes and group sex with one man and multiple women but it works the other way too, it’s just not talked about as often. Women enjoy threesomes too and if they’re bicurious then having a male/female/female one is fine by them but straight women like to fantasize about being with multiple men. She wants a threesome with you and another man but she’s reluctant to tell you this because she doesn’t want you to think she’s dirty or a slut, she doesn’t want you to think you’re not man enough for her and she’s worried that you might freak out about being naked around another man. She’s keeping this to herself unless you bring it up first.

4) Role-playing as strangers

Role-playing has a big part in fetishes because it’s about doing something out of the ordinary and you can do any scenario your mind can come up with. Having an affair is a common fantasy and role-playing can help bring that as close to reality as possible without crossing the line which is why women love to do this by pretending to be strangers. She wants you to spend the day apart, with no texts during the workday, then come home to a quiet house so she can dress in her sexiest outfit before going out to a bar. Let her enjoy being hit on by other men so she can get her arousal and anticipation building then go over to her so you can win her heart. Act in ways that you normally wouldn’t to enforce the idea of being a stranger then give her a night full of passionate sex before leaving in the morning. She’s going to love her wild night with a stranger and it satisfies her desire for a one night stand while staying faithful.

5) Being watched

Being watched during sex isn’t something that happens naturally, you need to choose to let another person be in the room with you during your most vulnerable moments with your partner. It’s taboo and some women want to be watched because it makes them feel naughty and lets her push the boundaries of her sexuality since she’s technically sharing herself with more than one person. She wants someone to see her acting depraved while also lusting after her but this is hard for her to explain to you in a way that makes it sound fun without making her feel bad about what she wants. The closest most women get to fetishes like this is by flirting or making out with their partner in a public place but what she really wants to do is go all the way.

6) Having sex in public

having sex in publicFetishes are meant to give you intense feelings of sexual arousal and a way of doing this quickly is by acting in ways that touch your fear and excitement levels. Doing something risky, like having sex in public, gives you a rush because you know you’re not supposed to be doing it and there’s a chance of getting caught. Women want to experience this because they know it’s different from the sex they’re used to, it’s faster since you don’t want to get caught but there’s also more passion from the increased excitement levels. Once they try having sex in public and it goes well then they start wanting it more because they want to feel that level of excitement again.

7) Homosexual voyeurism

There are some fetishes that women have that men don’t think about because it’s too different from their own desires. It’s well known that men have fetishes regarding lesbians but they don’t realize that some women feel the same way about gay men. They love watching gay porn because it’s taboo and it’s pure masculinity since it’s all about men getting what they want. Seeing two sexy men, turned on and going at each other is arousing to watch so she’s indulging in homosexual voyeurism but doesn’t expect you to be as interested in it as she is so she only watches when you’re not around.

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