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How to get out of the friend zone- 7 tricks that actually work!

Get out of the friend zoneBeing stuck in the friend zone is frustrating because it’s a constant reminder of what you want but can’t have. It’s possible to move out of this zone and into a FWB situation but it requires time and effort because if you make the wrong move you can ruin things between the two of you. By slowly letting your sexual attraction for her known and showing her what a great boyfriend you can be, you can ease your way out of the friend zone and into a more sexually beneficial relationship.

1) Show her a new kind of affection

To get out of the friend zone you need to change the kind of affection you show her because there’s a big difference between how a friend treats her and how a lover treats her. You need to make this change slowly so you don’t make her feel uncomfortable and pay attention to how she reacts so you can take things at her pace. Start sitting closer than usual to her, when you’re talking you can lightly stroke her arm and smile more often as you make eye contact with her. These small gestures of affection are going to let her know you feel sexual attraction for her and she’s going to start thinking about what it would be like to be FWB with you or something more serious.

2) Send her a naughty text

Make it clear that you find her sexy by saying you dreamed of her last night or that during your date last night you couldn’t stop thinking about her. This lets her know that your thoughts for her are sexual and if she flirts back you can say that you wish you could spend the night with her. It’s going to be obvious how you feel and she’s going to want to see if she can take it from just meaningless texting to reality because it’s going to be fun and exciting being this way with you.

3) Talk about the concept of Friends with Benefits

You need to make her interested in being friends with benefits if you want to get out of the friend zone so bring the idea to her attention. She may not have thought about it before or she may have sexual feelings for you but hasn’t said anything because she doesn’t want to ruin the friendship. You can keep your feelings hidden by casually asking if she’s ever been in a FWB relationship and what she thinks of them. Talk to her about it and be enthusiastic while pointing out the positive aspects of them and show her that you’re open-minded about it. When she starts warming up to the concept you can jokingly ask if she’d consider being in one with you then make your move out of the friend zone if she’s receptive to the idea.

4) Act like a boyfriend

like a boyfriendShe needs to start seeing you as boyfriend material instead of boring, old you if you want to move from the friend zone and into the FWB zone. Change the way you act around her and she’s going to notice you in a different way which can help you take the relationship to the next level. Instead of treating her like a friend you should start incorporating little acts that a boyfriend would do, such as compliment her looks, offer to give her a back rub after a long day, remember important occasions and have your hang out time be more like casual dates. Instead of going to a fast food place for dinner you can go to a restaurant or you can spend time together in the evenings on weekends when you would normally be on a date.

5) Flirt and date other women

If you want to get out of the friend zone you need to make her want you as a fob and you can do this by showing her what she’s missing out on. It’s natural to want what you can’t have so when you’re out in public together don’t be shy about checking out other women or flirting with them. When your friend notices what you’re doing you can flirt with her and say that you love being around pretty women, especially her so she shouldn’t get jealous and that she can date you if she’s interested. When you date other women you can talk to your friend about it but mention that you wish you could find a girl like her because you think you’d make a great couple. This is quite forward behaviour but makes it clear that you feel sexual attraction towards her and want out of the friend zone.

6) Spend time apart

Being in the friend zone for an extended period of time can make her used to having you around and now she expects you to be there when she needs you. You’re no longer special to her and she sees you the same way as the rest of her friends which is something you need to change. Spend some time apart so she has a chance to miss you, when she wants to hang out on the weekend tell her you have a date even if you don’t. After awhile you can tell her that you’ve missed spending time with her and that you realize how important she is to you. Once she knows you care about her you can ease your way out of the friend zone by being more selective about spending quality time with her and act more loving towards her.

7) Suggest taking things to the next level

You’re going to be stuck in the friend zone permanently if she doesn’t know you feel sexual attraction for her so you need to be open and honest about what you want. Sit down with her and have a conversation about how your feelings for her have changed and that you’re fine with still being friends but would love to be in a Friends with benefits situation with her if she wanted to do that. Give her time to think about it so she doesn’t feel pressure and let her see that one of her best friends can become something more. You’re going to have a better chance at getting out of the friend zone if you make the first move but give her control over how things progress.

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