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9 Tips on how to safely have a one-night stand mid-pandemic

one night stand Being in mid-pandemic is going to affect your sex life if you’re single because you need to follow social distancing rules to protect your health. This is fine for a short while but eventually you’re going to start craving sexual interaction and will think about having a one-night stand. You can’t let your needs overtake your common sense because this is a dangerous time and you need to take precautions so that you stay healthy. By knowing how to safely hookup during a mid-pandemic you can have a fun and satisfying sex life.

1) Hookup with a previous partner

When in you in a mid-pandemic you need to interact with as few people as possible and trust that the people you see are taking safety precautions seriously so they’re unlikely to pass anything on to you. This is why it’s a good idea to have a one-night stand with a previous partner since you know them and there’s a level of trust and care so you know they won’t jeopardize your health just to have sex. You can get in touch with an old friends with benefits or talk to an ex you’re still friendly with and see if they’d be interested in this.

2) Space out having a one-night stand

It’s tempting to go online, meet someone local and want to hookup with them right away but you’re going to get into a habit of doing this because it’s so easy and fun. You tell yourself that last time was fine so this time will be too but you need to control yourself and be satisfied with chilling with them online. You can experiment with cyber sex and only meet other people for a one-night stand once or twice a month.

3) Spend time getting to know them online

chilling online
You need to trust the person you’re having a one-night stand with to take safety precautions seriously in their daily life and expect them to cancel the date if they start to feel unwell. It takes time to build this trust so before you meet in person you can spend time chilling online. You can watch something together online while eating dinner to simulate a real date and you can have conversations about all sorts of things so you can get an idea of the kind of person they are. Your immediate sexual needs won’t be met but having an emotional connection with someone can help ease some of the pressure you’re feeling.

4) Ask questions about their daily habits

It can be awkward asking a stranger lots of personal questions about their daily habits but you need to do this before you have a one-night stand with them. You need to ask them things like if they’re social distancing when in public, if they’re vigilant about wearing a face mask, if they’re limiting socializing with people outside of their household and if they’ve been sick recently or been in contact with someone who’s been sick. This lets you know whether there’s a sense of safety or risk with having a hookup with them.

5) Limit the time you spend with them

You need to limit the amount of time you spend with the other person during the one-night stand so that you have less exposure to them. Since the goal is to take care of your sexual needs you should focus on that and leave other activities, like having dinner or relaxing together after sex for when the pandemic is over. All you need to do is meet them, have sex once introductions have been made and it’s been established that both of you still want to hookup then have sex and leave as soon as it’s polite to do so. They understand it’s for health and safety reasons so you don’t need to worry about offending them.

6) Don’t bring them home

When you have a one-night stand you shouldn’t bring them home, especially if you live with other people because they may not appreciate you bringing a potentially infected person around them. You can meet them at their place so that you’re the one who’s taking most of the risk and not the people you live with or you can meet at a motel because you know it’s been properly cleaned by staff so there’s less chance of getting sick. This isn’t about chilling and becoming a part of each other’s life, it’s about a sexual transaction that needs to be done in a distant way during a mid-pandemic.

7) Consider doing mutual masturbation

When you think of having a one-night stand you probably just think about having sex but you can still do this while maintaining social distancing by changing what you do together. Mutual masturbation can be a way of having a hot hookup without coming into direct physical contact. This is still going to give you sexual relief and afterwards you don’t have to worry so much about whether you made a mistake by meeting a stranger who could be sick. You can also use a sex toy or lingerie to make things more exciting while you watch each other.

8) Look for symptoms during and after the hookup

Before you hookup with someone you should pay close attention to them and see if they have any symptoms of being sick, such as coughing, sneezing or complaining of feel tired. If they show any signs of being sick you need to cancel or postpone the hookup to another time. You should also cancel if you show any symptoms. If they’re not sick and you go ahead with having sex with them you need to look for symptoms in yourself for the next couple of weeks because they may have been sick but didn’t know it at the time.

9) Clean thoroughly after a one-night stand

After the one-night stand is over you need to clean thoroughly anything that came into contact with the other person. If they came to your home you need to wash your sheets right away and sanitize all surfaces that they touched. You also need to wash the clothes you were wearing when you were with them and shower as soon as you’re doing cleaning your home. Make an effort to avoid people as much as you can over the next couple of weeks in case you’ve gotten sick but aren’t showing symptoms yet. Safety is more important than before and requires a lot more than just making sure a condom was used.

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