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9 Tips to approach a woman without fear of rejection

Approaching a WomanWhen you approach women it will go one of two ways: you’ll set up a date with her or you’ll be getting rejected and the latter outcome is something that a lot of men worry about. No one likes getting rejected and the fear of this happening can stop you from making the first move and getting to know someone you really like. Once you know why you don’t need to fear getting rejected and how to approach women in a way that will guarantee success you’re going to have a more fruitful dating life.

1) Accept that getting rejected will happen

Getting rejected happens to men once in awhile when they approach women and this is something you need to accept instead of fear. Having this happen to you is a part of life and it makes you more prepared emotionally and mentally to deal with things when they don’t go the way you want them to. Once you accept that getting rejected will occasionally happen to you it’s easier to move on and be hopeful that you’ll have more success with the next woman you talk to. By accepting that you may get rejected it becomes less of a big deal and instead of worrying about it happening you’ll be able to think about other things, like coming up with a great pick up line.

2) Practice how to approach women

Being confident in how you approach women can help ease your fear of getting rejected because negative thoughts are less likely to enter your mind. One way to gain this confidence is by practicing the way you interact with beautiful women. You can do this by yourself and role-play different scenarios to see what feels comfortable to you and use this technique in real life because it’s one that you are used to. You can also spend time with women in a platonic way and ask one that you trust to help you practice your pick up skills.

3) Think about your good qualities

One of the reasons why people have a fear of getting rejected is that they have low self-confidence and convince themselves that they’re not good enough to date. To stop this from happening to you, you can psych yourself up by thinking about your good qualities and what makes you a great person to be in a relationship with. This is going to boost your self-confidence and when you approach women they’re going to notice your upbeat personality and be attracted to you.

4) Be confident it will go well

Approaching beautiful women can cause a fear of rejection because you tell yourself that they can do better than a guy like you. This makes you automatically assume you’ll be getting rejected and this sets the tone for how things will go. You need to approach women with the right mental attitude and tell yourself that things will go well. If you believe things will go well you’ll be more confident and less likely to say or do the wrong thing and you’ll make a better first impression which leads to less rejection.

5) Approach women without sexual intent

Start FlirtingSex has a tendency to complicate matters and cause nervousness if you’re talking to someone you don’t know so when you approach women it’s a good idea to do it without sexual intent at first. Act like you’re talking to an acquaintance or a co-worker and ease into a friendly conversation. This takes some pressure off of you and when you know they’re interested in you, you can start flirting and taking things to the next level. This will also decrease the chance of getting rejected because women appreciate men who act like gentlemen and she will want to go out with you.

6) See each approach as a learning experience

Once you’ve accepted that getting rejected while happen to you now and again you can start working on the idea that each rejection is actually a learning experience. Instead of seeing it as a bad thing that wounds your ego you can see it as learning what approach doesn’t work with women. Pay attention to what each of you say and do then think about what you could have done differently and try that the next time you meet someone you’re attracted to. This can help you hone the way you approach women and find a method that gets you more success. The more success you have with women the less you’re going to worry about getting turned down by them.
7) Don’t pin all your hope on one person

Your fear of getting rejected can be caused by you focusing on one woman and telling yourself that she’s the only one you want. This causes you to have a build up of emotions and makes you think there’s more at stake then there really is because you’ve tricked yourself into thinking she’s perfect for you. It’s better to keep an open-mind when you approach women and have a balance view of each them, seeing her good qualities as well as her flaws. This helps you have more realistic feelings about approaching her and you won’t be as upset by rejection if it happens.
8) Find out what women respond to

You can be better prepared about approaching women by finding out beforehand what they’re more likely to respond to. You can do this by talking to women you know and asking them how they like men to approach them or you can go online and ask anonymously what women like. Their ideas may be different to yours and you can have a better understanding of what to do when you’re around beautiful women.
9) Think about all the beautiful women out there

Your fear of getting rejected when you approach women can be lessened by thinking about all the beautiful women out there that you have yet to meet. By thinking about all the other opportunities you have of meeting other women you’re going to feel excited and hopeful which will push away thoughts of fear or nervousness. You’ll be serious and confident but you won’t be emotionally invested which will take away the pressure of making things work out.

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