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9 Shower sex tips for couples who dare to perfect it

Shower Sex Positions Sex in the shower can be a fun way to try something new without getting too crazy like trying awkward sex positions or exploring kinks. If you do it right it can be a new activity to add to your sex life.

1) Make things steamy

The water won’t be enough to keep you warm because you won’t always be under the spray so turn the temperature up before starting. You should also turn the water slightly hotter than necessary so you won’t have to change it during sex due to it getting colder.

2) Have necessities ready

You don’t want to stop in the middle of things to get something so make sure that you’re prepared beforehand. Have lube, condoms if they’re your method of birth control, and towels nearby so they’re easy to grab because this will help you stay in the moment instead of wasting time by looking for them.

3) Go for it

It’s easy to feel nervous or embarrassed because it’s something new but ignore those feelings and go for it. Don’t worry about not looking good because no one does when they’re soaking wet and remember that this is about having fun with your partner.

4) Avoid soap and shower gels

Sex in the shower is difficult because it’s wet and soap or shower gels will make it even more slippery so avoid using them until after you’re done having sex. You can make soaping each other part of the after-sex fun by rubbing your hands slowly over each other’s bodies.

5) Use shower-friendly lube

Make sure the lube you’re using isn’t an oil based on because it won’t work properly when it comes into contact with water. You need to use a silicone based lube because this kind won’t wash away in the water or damage the condom.

6) Make sure you’re steady

You don’t want to lose your balance when you’re having sex in the shower so steady yourself before starting. Brace yourself against the wall and keep your feet shoulder width apart so you’re more stable.

7) Take your time

Shower sex needs to go slow because it’s easy to slip or hurt yourself. Move at a pace your comfortable with so that it feels good and play around with the different sensations that the water makes. Your bodies are going to be slippery soft and it can feel good to press against each other.

8) Start with foreplay

This will make sex last longer and make it more fulfilling because you’re taking the time to appreciate each other’s bodies. Stand under the warm spray while kissing and touching each other as the arousal builds. This will also help build your confidence because it gives you time to get used to trying something new.

9) Try different sex positions

You can start by getting on your knees and giving him a blow job to get him in the mood then transition to a standing position where you brace yourself against the wall while he takes you from behind.

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