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9 Good things you might feel during prostate massage

Prostate massageHaving a prostate massage feels good and can make you feel things you didn’t know you could but some men don’t realize this or think that it’s too taboo to experience. If you’re unsure about whether not you want to try a prostate massage then knowing about milking, fingering and all the other wonderful things you’ll feel may help you decide to go for it.

1) Localized pleasure

When you’re having a prostate massage you’ll feel localized pleasure because you or your partner are focusing all of your touches on and around your prostate. This is a different sensation then when a wider area of your body is being stimulated and causes the feelings of pleasure to radiate outward from a localized point. You’ll want to keep fingering this area so that the feeling gets stronger and lasts longer. You’ll crave this sensation and will keep working that area until you have an orgasm.

2) Gentle pressure

During a prostate massage you’ll feel a gentle pressure deep inside because you’re lightly touching the prostate gland with a finger or toy. You’ll know you’re doing the prostate massage correctly when the pressure you’re feeling is a gentle rubbing sensation instead of a painful one. If the pressure is too much then you need to lighten your touch and experiment until you find what feels right for you. It may feel uncomfortable or awkward at first but once you get used to the massage you’ll relax and realize that it’s a sensation that you can enjoy.

3) The beginning of an orgasm

A lot of men describe a prostate massage as feeling like the beginning of an orgasm except it lasts longer and doesn’t always end with an actual orgasm. This is because the prostate is a bundle of nerve endings and is the male equivalent of a g-spot. You can manipulate this area until you have an actual orgasm or you can keep yourself in the pleasure zone by keeping to a slow and steady massage. The sensation of being on the verge of an orgasm should stay with you for a good part of the prostate massage and you can enhance the feeling by also masturbating or rubbing your perineum.

4) Waves of pleasure

The sensations you feel during a prostate massage depends on what you’re using because it’ll change the amount of pressure and the thrusting speed. You could do this with fingering, a toy or a dick and if you’re focused on milking the prostate gland for an orgasm or just a general massage. In most cases though you’ll experience waves of pleasure because you can change the speed that you’re using and where you’re putting most of the pressure. You’ll usually feel the waves of pleasure after you’ve spent some time getting the prostate massage because it takes time for you to relax and for your body to respond to what’s going on but when you give yourself over to it you’ll lose control.

5) Excitement

Excitement during massageAny sexual activities relating to the ass are seen as taboo, especially with men, so when you’re having a prostate massage your feelings of excitement are going to be more heightened than they are with other sexual activities. This excitement will add to the experience and make it seem even better than you were expecting and you’ll want to have that rush again. When your partner is fingering or milking you, you’ll know that people would be shocked if they could see you and that you’re doing something naughty, which makes your arousal and excitement stronger.

6) Edging

You can do milking during a prostate massage, which is when you or your partner are fingering the prostate gland gently but persistently. This causes you to release seminal fluid continuously and you’ll do this until you have an orgasm or until you choose to stop. If you choose to do this for an extended period of time without an orgasm then it means you’re edging. You’re keeping yourself on the edge of an orgasm, which you can also do during normal and external masturbation, but the feeling is more intense because it’s internal and involves direct contact with the prostate.

7) Relaxed

Relaxed during massageYou’re going to feel nervous and tense at the start of a prostate massage, especially if you’re not used to your partner fingering you, because you’re inserting something. This feeling should go away once you get used to it and your body will start to relax as the waves of pleasure start to fill you. These sensations will be so strong that they’ll be all you can think about and your body will naturally relax as you concentrate on what you’re feeling. Once the prostate massage is over you’ll feel more satisfied than you have in a long time and you’ll notice that you’ve lost a lot of tension that you were feeling before you started the massage.

8) Bigger and Stronger erection

When you’re fingering or milking the prostate you’re directly touching the gland and this is a very sensitive erogenous zone. This can cause you to have a bigger and stronger erection than you normally would during sex or masturbation. This happens because you’re increasing blood flow to the area and releasing more seminal fluid due to the internal pressure you’re putting on the gland. It may also cause you to stay harder longer if you’re new to prostate massage because you’ll be spending more time finding out what you like and wanting to enjoy the feeling for as long as you can so you delay having an orgasm.

9) An actual orgasm

Milking after orgasmA prostate massage can end in an orgasm if you’re patient and know how to take your body to that point. These orgasms are supposed to be stronger than a regular orgasm but it might take you awhile to have one if you’re not used to anal play. You need to start by slowly fingering your prostate and getting comfortable with what you’re doing. When you begin to feel continuous pleasure you need to gradually increase the amount of pressure you’re using and how fast you’re going until you have an orgasm. Give yourself time to come down from the rush then slowly remove what’s been penetrating you so you can ease into being empty again.

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