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9 Signs she’s pretending not to like you but she really does

She is really into you It’s scary putting your feelings out there so some people hide it by pretending not to like you when what they really want is for you to make the first move. If there’s a woman you’re attracted to but aren’t sure if she feels the same way then you can look for signs to figure out her motives. When she’s hiding her true feelings you can still sense her interest through her body language and the kinds of things she talks to you about because she can’t hide everything all of the time. Knowing what to look for is going to help you make the right move and ask her out when the time is right.

1) Her tone of voice changes when you suggest going out

The tone of voice she uses when you suggest going out, even as just friends, can reveal how she really feels about you. When she really doesn’t like you then she’s going to sound serious and bored when she turns you down because she has no interest in spending more time with you. When she’s pretending not to like you she won’t be able to hide a hint of excitement from her voice because you’re suggesting something that she’s thought of before and really wants to do.

2) She always makes eye contact

Making eye contact is a habit that some people find difficult to do regardless of whether they like you or not but it can help you gauge how she feels if she’s the type of person who has no issues with it. She’s not going to make an effort with eye contact if she doesn’t like you because she doesn’t care if you think she’s rude and she’s going to be checking out guys that do grab her attention. When you’re the one she wants then she’s going to be drawn to you and will make constant eye contact without realizing it.

3) Her body language doesn’t match what she says

When she’s serious about not being attracted to you her body language and verbal usage will match. She’s going to look and sound serious because that’s how she genuinely feels. When she really does like you she’s going to have a hard time controlling herself and is going to focus on saying the right thing to make her look aloof. That’s going to take most of her attention so her body language will do nervous tics, like blushing, smiling or fidgeting as a way of venting her anxiousness.

4) She calls you first

When she does like you she’s going to try and wait for you to call but if you don’t do it fast enough then she’s going to give in to temptation and call you first. She’s dying to hear you voice and will call you but she’s going to try and keep her cool by acting like she only called you because she was bored.

5) She shares a lot of personal information

If she doesn’t like you then she’s going to keep her distance and will be a mysterious woman you don’t have a chance with. Sharing personal information is something she’s only going to do if she does like you because she wants you to get to know her. She’s trying to make a connection with you and show you that she’s a fun or interesting person so she’s going to tell you about her weekend plans, who her friends are and activities she likes to do in her spare time.

6) She gives you little touches when talking

woman giving little touches
You’re going to notice a physical distance when she doesn’t like you because she’s making sure she doesn’t accidentally send mixed signals. She’s going to stand away from you and use body language like crossing her arms in front of her to keep you away. When she does like you she’s going to stand close enough to give you little touches on the arm while talking to you because it lets her hint at her feelings without being too obvious about it.

7) She asks about your dating life

Someone who doesn’t like you isn’t going to be interested in your dating life because it doesn’t affect them and this topic will only be mentioned if you bring it up. If she does like you enough to want to date you then she’s going to casually ask if you’re single and if you’re not then she’s going to want to know if it’s a serious relationship or not. She’s trying to figure out if she has a chance with you and if she should stop pretending she doesn’t like you. She’s also going to be dropping hints about being single, how hard it is to date and that she has no plans for the weekend because she’s hoping you ask her out.

8) She lacks enthusiasm about other guys

Paying attention to how enthusiastic she is about other guys can give you a good idea if she does like you or not. When she has no feelings for you she’s going to check out other guys and flirt with them or talk about the great guy she went on a date with last weekend because she doesn’t care if it bothers you. When she’s hiding feelings for you she’s going to stay single so she’s available to date you and will act uninterested in other guys as a way of letting you know that you have a chance with her.

9) She remembers what you say

There’s a certain thoughtfulness people give you when they like you and they show this by remember things that are important to you and what you tell them. This is why the women who don’t see you as a potential romantic partner won’t remember you telling them about a rough day at work, an important event or something you need to do. If the woman you’re talking to does like you then she’s going to remember the little details because she cares about you and wants to show you that she pays attention to you.

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